1. Guaifenesin (Mucinex) and increase Seminal Fluid

    I'm curious if anyone knows if Guaifenesin can cause the precum and cum production to increase and also be thinner? Which would cause you to shoot further if you happen to have thick cum or thick precum. When I take Pygeum, it thickens the mucus as well as precum/cum production. So if we take...
  2. Can you precum without touch yourself?

    I can! But I have to be kissing someone I'm attracted to, or super turned on... I'll ooze like a broken faucet. How about you?
  3. Research Made on Increasing Precum in Men - 2020

    Written by: Chet Boner Last updated: 06/29/2020 ?1) Supplements Water - Drink plenty of water EVERY day. You should be going to the bathroom VERY often if you seriously want this to work. (NOTE: You can get these on Amazon or maybe even GNC. I'm just giving links to the ones I use.) Pygeum (2...