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Sexual Orientation
After the discovery of an ancient artifact, life is changed forever for a group of college students who have bigger things to worry about than getting ready to start classes.

All good things
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By Anon Amon
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Sexual Orientation
Part 1

My name is Josh.

My dad had just come back from one of his digs and he was super psyched. Apparently he had finally found something. At least something worth mentioning. He was an archeologist. Now, I know what you are thinking: Dude! Your dad is like freaking Indiana Jones! He must uncover mummies all the time!

Let me tell you, that is not the case. I actually went on a dig with him once during summer vacation and believe me when I say it was boring as hell. There were no mummies, no Nazis trying to cause a commotion, no nothing. Just a bunch of dirt and people geeking out over some petrified wood or whatever that they dug up out of the ground. I was hoping for at least like some dinosaur bones or something to pop up, but that never happened.

So when my dad came barreling into the house spouting off about some discovery, naturally I prepared to witness the awesome rock that he and his team had unearthed this time. “Josh, it’s amazing!” he exclaimed. “Like nothing we’ve ever found before!”

Of course this grandiose discovery was back at the museum which meant whisking me away and driving down there to go witness its splendor. I tried my best to put on a face for him. He was so excited. I, on the other hand, was annoyed. I was kind of in the middle of packing up my things for college.

“I know you have pictures of it, dad. Can’t you just show me those?” I said, shoving some clothes into a box. But of course he pulled out the best weapon in his arsenal: guilt.

“This is your last chance to come to my work before you go off to college. I just thought it might be fun to go together and see it.”

I sighed. “Sounds good,” I smiled before taping the box up.

So there I was sitting in the car. My dad went on and on about his find. At least it actually did sound a little interesting this time. It was a small statue of an old king or chief of some kind. What really drove my dad nuts was that they couldn’t tell what culture it had come from. Mayan, Egyptian, Native American? It wasn’t clear, but whatever it was, it was old.

The coolest thing about my dad’s job was I got to go behind the scenes at the museum. That I will admit. He escorted me through the back to where they stored things and then brought me to the lab where he did most of his work when he wasn’t out playing Indiana Jones.

“Check it out!” He said like a goofy kid on Christmas.

It sat on the table. Clearly someone had just started cleaning it, or restoring it if you will. It actually was the coolest thing that I had ever seen him find. The statue wasn’t too tall. It was black and looked like a human form, but it was quite worn. I walked around the statue to view it from all the angles.

“We believe it to be a statue of the King of some tribe.”

“Why a king?” I asked.

“Well King is our word until we figure out what culture this belongs to. But it must have been a prominent leader. The head looks like it has a crown or maybe a headdress. It’s hard to tell because it’s so worn.”

“Not like a god huh?”

“We don’t think so. It’s rather small and there was only one. If we were talking a deity, it would have been more likely to be a figure we had encountered before.”

I smiled. “Unless you unearthed a new undiscovered people.”

“Ha ha,” my dad scoffed. “I know you are joking, but could you imagine!?”

I stared at the statue. “Well this guy sure is packing,” I said noticing his impressive member.

“Leaders, or gods, were often exaggerated. Fertility and strength and what not.”

“Uh huh,” I smirked.

One of my father’s coworkers called to him. “Be right there,” he said before turning to me. “Don’t touch.”

He walked off, greeting the other person. I grinned and bent in closer to get a better look. “A crown, huh?” I murmured to myself. “Yeah, I don’t see it.” I looked over at my dad. He was completely preoccupied talking to his coworker, surely discussing the statue. I took the opportunity to get even closer.

The guy’s dick was ridiculous. I don’t know why, but I reached out and touched it. It was cool to the touch.

Suddenly there was a loud bang like a crate being dropped. It startled me so I quickly drew my hand back. My dad and the other workers ran towards the noise. I meanwhile looked down to see that I had mistakenly opened a hidden compartment when I drew my hand away. Where the statue’s cock was had opened and revealed a small vial inside.

I couldn’t believe it. I almost started to understand how my father felt, like I had made some huge discovery. Fuck, I am freaking Indiana Jones!! Where the hell is my fedora and whip?!

I pulled the vial out. It was cloudy but there was definitely something inside of it. I didn’t have much more time to study it though because the people began to return to the room. In a panic I shut the secret compartment putting the statues cock back in place. As my father walked closer I realized I still had the vial in my hand. I quickly shoved the vial into my pocket and put my smile back on.

“Sorry about that,” my dad said. “People should know by now not to touch these things. That’s how disaster happens. Luckily, nothing was harmed but we should probably get going.”

Once again, I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t you just tell your dad what you found? Why are you about to leave the museum with that vial in your pocket? You basically just stole a priceless artifact. Here’s the thing. Looking back now, I realize I wasn’t thinking rationally. But I wasn’t supposed to be touching things! And technically I’m not even allowed back there, my dad kinda just sneaks me in. Super cool, but super-could-lose-your-job, hence why after the crash we were jetting out of there pretty fast. Plus they wouldn’t even miss the thing. They’ll probably end up finding the secret compartment and then the mystery of what was it used for would be much more exciting to them than some dingy vial. I’ll just ditch the thing the first chance I get.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 2

“Jo!” Michael called.

Michael has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. So naturally we chose the same college to go to. In fact, we even signed up to be roommates together. And yes, he calls me Jo, short for Josh, short for Joshua. For some reason, at some point he felt Josh was too long and it stuck. Oddly enough, he hates it when people call him Mike.

“Jo! Your dad already take off?” Michael asked, seeing me standing there alone with all my stuff on the curb.

“Yeah. Things have been a little hectic at his work since his team discovered a relic at his last dig. Said he had to go pull an all-nighter.”

Michael grabbed a couple boxes up off the ground. “Well you’re lucky I spotted you,” he said. There sure we’re a lot of people, the dorms bustling with wide eyed freshmen. “My stuff is already up in our room. C’mon, I’ll show ya.”

Michael led the way and I followed behind with the rest of my boxes in my arms. We took the stairs up to the second floor and made our way around all the different people, people I assumed I would be living with, down the hall to our door.

With some maneuvering, Michael managed to unlock it and swung it open. “Here’s our new home!”

I walked inside. It wasn’t too bad. We had our own sink, bunk beds, a conjoining bathroom we shared with our neighbors. Michael had already picked his side so I put my stuff on the other bed.

“Not too shabby, right?” Michael grinned. “You need help unpacking?”

“No I got it,” I said as I ripped into the first box. Inside the box, on top was what I was looking for. I grabbed the bundled sock and unfolded it before rolling its contents into my hand. I held up the vial and looked at it once more.

“What the hell is that?” Michael asked. “You got some drugs or some shit?!”

“Please,” I scoffed. “No, this is something I have been meaning to throw away but couldn’t until I leave home.”

Michael just gave him a look. “Not sure if you think that explains things, but it actually just creates more questions.”

“Fine, if you have to know, I took this from my dad’s work kind of by mistake and rather than get in trouble about it I figured I would just get rid of it. I couldn’t risk my dad seeing it in the trash at home so I figured I would bring it with me and get rid of it here where he would never know.”

Michael stared at him blankly. “Ah, of course,” he dead panned. “What is it?”

“How the hell should I know?” I answered before tossing it into the trash can with a clunk. “As far as I am concerned this never happened.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“You think your dad’s here to get you?” Michael laughed. “Or maybe it’s the museum. You know they have connections.”

I shot Michael a look and answered the door. There standing in the hall were two beautiful guys, both equally attractive, equally fit, equally everything. They were twins.

“Hey, we are your neighbors and we thought we would introduce ourselves,” one of them said with a smile that spoke to my soul. “I’m Skyler and this is Tyler.”

“Are you the bathroom neighbors? I mean the neighbors that share our bathroom?” I asked clumsily.

“What he means to say is his name is Josh and I’m Michael. It’s nice to meet you both,” Michael cut in.

They both grinned. “Yes, we are the bathroom neighbors,” the other twin answered. “Well it was nice meeting you both. See you around!” And easy come, easy go, they were gone.

Once the door was shut again, I practically melted to the floor. I kept picturing them, basketball shorts, sleeveless tees. Where they matching? I couldn’t remember. All I could see were their nice arms. We’re sleeveless tees even seasonal? I didn’t care. I guess it was kinda hot out. I sure was feeling hot in here now.

“Dude, you’re a mess,” Michael said bringing me back to reality.

“Sorry, man,” I sighed. “But those guys were hot!”

“Well that’s my cue to see what kind of chicks we have on our floor,” Michael said before throwing a peace sign and exiting the room.

Michael has been totally cool with me being gay. I remember when I came out to him in freshmen year in high school. I was so nervous that he was going to be weirded out and stop being my friend, but he was just like “yeah, I kinda figured. Pass me the chips”. He’s always been like that. Cool, I mean. Not focused on chips.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 3

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I mumbled as I stood at the door. We had been living on campus a day or two so things had calmed down somewhat. I was standing at our neighbors’ door, the twins Tyler and Skyler. Apparently, I haven’t been able to stop talking about them, so Michael tells me so now he has forced me to walk over there and say hey.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Michael asked. He stood behind me making sure I follow through. “What are you so nervous about? You are just saying hello.”

“Man, I’m sure that they are straight.”

“So?” Michael shrugged his shoulders. “I’m straight but that doesn’t stop you from hanging out with me.”

“Yeah but I don’t have a crush on you,” I said.

“Ouch.” He put his hand to his chest. “You hurt my feelings. I’ll forgive you if you knock on that door.”

I growled with anger but was deep down excited.

“Listen gay, not gay, who cares? Jenna was unavailable but that didn’t stop me from looking in high school. We could use some more friends anyways.”

“Tired of me already, huh?”

“I’m just tired of you drooling.”

I sighed and finally knocked on their door. Shortly the door opened revealing a shirtless twin leaning against the door frame. I probably looked like an idiot not looking him in the eyes as he answered the door. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of his nice pecs and six pack.

“Oh, hey!” He said beaming that cursed smile.

“Uh, hey!” I replied, once again awkward as hell.

Michael once again stepped up to rescue me. “Hey there,” he said. “Thought we would come on over if that’s ok.”

“Yeah sure,” he said and moved aside to let them in. The other twin sat up on the edge of his bed and greeted us with yet another smile.

I felt so awkward. I didn’t even know what to say.

“Tyler?” Michael asked the one without a shirt.

“That would be me,” the one on the bed said.

“Ah, so you must be Skyler.”

“Don’t worry. That happens all the time.” Skyler moved over to his own bed and sat across from his brother. “Have a seat,” he said offering us some beanbag chairs. With a soft thud we sat in the cliche dorm room beanbag chairs.

We did the pleasantries, you know the usual where you from, what are you studying conversation. I was sort of listening sort of not. They were too beautiful. After a while, Michael started giving me a look like I was supposed to ask them something. Of course that something was: hey are you gay and if so are you single and if so are you interested?

Finally, impatient as always, Michael said, “So you guys like some Teen Wolf thing where one of you is straight and the other is gay?”

I basically died right there. So embarrassing.

They both just laughed. “You watch Teen Wolf?” Tyler asked.

“Truth be told, Jo kinda makes me. He is into that whole thing.”

“Werewolves?” Skyler asked.

“Uh, no hot guys,” Michael stated.

Ok so if I wasn’t dead before I sure as hell was dead now, but before I could throw myself out of their window they answered. “I love that show too,” Skyler said looking at me.

“Yeah for sure. Same here,” Tyler agreed.

“For the same reason?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” they almost said in unison.

“Wait. So you are both gay?” I said, the words forming in my mouth before I even had time to think.

“You’re gay too huh?” Skyler smiled. God, that smile.

“Yeah!” I exclaimed, probably a little too eagerly.

“Well what a coincidence,” Michael said flashing me a secret I told you so look. “So, both twins gay...”

“They say 1 out of every 10 guys is gay,” Tyler stated.

“7 if you’re in the right county,” Skyler chimed in.

“5 if you’re just making shit up, so basic statistics were against us.”

Michael laughed. “So then you guys ever...see what’s up? ever mess around with each other?”

“Let me guess, you’re straight,” Tyler said.

“I am.”

“Ignore him,” I said glaring at Michael. “He’s an idiot but he’s cool. We’ve been friends forever.”

“And he has almost been gay for half of that time!” Michael laughed. Skyler and Tyler didn’t seem to join in. “Alright maybe we aren’t at that level yet.”

“We don’t share boyfriends either,” Tyler said. “So if you want to ask one of us out you better figure out who that will be.”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 4

“Well that was embarrassing,” I said as we walked back into our own dorm room.

“I was joking!” Michael said. “But who cares it worked out for you. They are both gay! You have your pick of the litter!”

“Yeah that’s the problem. Who do I pick?”

“Yeah. Pretty fricken weird for them to basically be like, choose one but choose wisely... Like the old man at the end of that Indiana jones movie with the Jesus cup.”

“The holy grail.” What in the hell is with all these damn Indiana jones references?! “Yeah, well I guess that means they both are at least interested in me, right? Otherwise why do it?”

“Who the hell knows,” Michael answered. “Some sort of weird twin initiation thing. Anyways, they are both basically the same. Flip a coin!”

I scoffed at that.

“Whatever. Don’t be mad that we have been here just a couple days and you already got two guys giving you the eye. I’m coming up dry over here! It’s just going to be me hanging with a bunch of gay guys.”

“Too bad you’re not gay. You could take one and I’d take the other,” I smirked.

“Yeah, too bad so sad,” Michael stated. “You gotta start doing this shit yourself. Basically had to knock on the damn door for you!”

A knock came from the door. “I swear if this isn’t some hot chick coming over here...” Michael said as he answered it.

“Hey again.” It was Skyler. I could tell because he was still not wearing a shirt.

“Hey come on in,” Michael said.

“Sorry to bother you guys again. I wanted to apologize for putting you on the spot like that. My brother and I, well we have always been competitive with each other.” He ran his hand over his abs. The motion alone was enough to make me hard. “Anyways, I came over to ask you out for dinner some time.”


“Yeah, you want to grab a bite later tonight?”

“That sounds great!” I had to be grinning from ear to ear.

“Alright I will be around at 8.”

“Ok see you then.”

When the door shut I spun around and beamed at Michael. He just shook his head in disbelief.

“Dude, I have a date!”

Michael sighed. “Lucky.... I probably should have apologized for asking if he sucks his brother’s dick.”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 5

I was trying to pick out outfits for my date with Skyler later that night. I wanted to make a good impression. I wanted to look desirable. I wanted to appear as if I had more self confidence that I actually had.

“Too bad you didn’t bring your mesh top and leather thong,” Michael said as he laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. “That would be sure to leave an impression.”

“Shut up,” I said throwing another shirt aside after holding it up to myself in the mirror.

“You are acting gayer than I have ever seen you act,” he said looking over my way.

“Yeah well I’ve never been on a gay date before and I am nervous. This guy is like a 10.”

“The most attractive thing in a person is confidence,” he stated.

I looked over at him with my oh-really face. “And I am sure that’s what you have been staring at when you gawk at the girls: their self confidence.”

Michael noticed my phone vibrating on my desk. I was apparently to deep into the debate between patterned or solid. “Hey, man, your phone is ringing.”

I walked over to the desk and saw my dad on the caller ID. “Hey dad,” I said answering it.

“Hey sorry I haven’t been able to check in yet. Things have been hectic here. How’s everything going? You make any new friends yet?”

“Yeah dad, everything is good. Work okay?”

“Yeah, it’s been crazy. We actually found a tablet near the statue. Seems to reference it. That’s what we have been so busy with, the translation.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked as I returned to looking in the mirror. “Anything interesting? You know if it’s for sure a king yet or what culture or is?”

“Well it is definitely a leader as we thought. Still a no go on the culture. The tablet seems to refer to some practices and traditions that we have never encountered before.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” I knew my dad loved to talk about this stuff some times so I had to just play along. Anything to keep him happy.

“Well, apparently the statue gets passed on to the next leader. The older leader bestows the statue with a bit of himself so that the new leader might ingest his strength and fertility and become kingly. We even found a compartment in the statue. We are thinking that the compartment held the essence of the previous leader, perhaps blood letting, so that the new king may drink his blood and absorb his power. At least that’s the working theory.”

“Gross,” I said. “Well you keep having fun and I will talk to you later. Ok, bye.” I threw my phone onto my bed and went back to my clothes.

“Your dad still talking about that thing he found?” Michael asked.

“What do you think?” I said. “Supposed to hold the power of the king inside or something. Some old superstitions where they drank each other’s blood and passed on diseases that wiped them out.”

“He figure out you jacked that vial thing yet?”

“Man, I told you to forget about that,” I said.

“Hey if that thing holds some king powers, maybe it could help give you some damn confidence for this date. Hell, maybe for life and I can stop being your wing-man, secretary, and whatever’s the hell else you want to call me as I do everything for you that your too nervous to do.”

I looked over to the trash can where I had thrown it away. I set the clothes and bent over to pick up the vial from inside. I held it up to the light. It was still intact.

“Dude, I was joking,” Michael said.

“You think it’s actually blood?” I asked.

“Open the thing and find out.”

With a shrug I pulled the stopper out of the top of the vial and peered inside. It wasn’t blood. It was thicker and white. To be frank, it smelled like spunk. “Dude, I think this is a vial of cum.”

“What?!” Michael asked. “You serious?”

“Yeah,” I said swirling it. “I guess the leader passed on their cum to their predecessor and they ate it.”

“That’s gross. No offense.” Michael got up and walked over to me. “You gonna drink it?”

“No way!” I said, recording it. “I’m not going to drink 800 year old stranger cum. Don’t be gross.”

Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Alright,” he sighed. “But it could be the difference needed to impress Skyler. Make you all confident and shit.” I looked back at the vial. God, I wanted him to like me. And let’s be honest, I did not feel all that impressive. “Man, I will give you twenty bucks just to down it.”

I stared at it again. “Fuck it,” I said before I threw the cap to the floor and poured the contents into my mouth. I gulped down that nasty shit.

“Oh my god!” Michael cried out hysterically. “I can’t believe you did it!”

“Yeah well I did,” I said looking for something to drink. I wiped my mouth. “Where’s my twenty bucks?”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 6

I was getting ready for my date with Skyler. I was dressed and ready to go. I probably was making this a bigger deal than it was. After all, we were going to grab some food at the campus eatery. Casual. Very casual, but I was still nervous.

“That potion didn’t do anything huh?” Michael asked noticing I was still on edge.

“Well it got me twenty bucks,” I said.

“Yeah well don’t spend it all in one place.”

It wasn’t long before Skyler came knocking to pick me up. After saying goodbye to Michael we headed out and made our way to the food court. We seemed to be hitting it off. I would say something and he would laugh or he would say something and I would laugh. Moments I would just find myself staring into his eyes, getting lost. After we got our food and sat down at the table, I barely touched it because I was so lost in him. In looking at him and listening to him speak.

“Want to go back to my place?” He asked.

I suddenly snapped to like coming out of a dream. “What?”

“Do you want to come to my room and watch a movie or something?” He asked again.

“Oh, yeah sure.” I shifted around in my seat a bit.

“You ok?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I said. But really I suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. And it had nothing to with his proposal. On the contrary, that excited me a little bit, which now that I am thinking about it, may have been the problem. I was feeling a little bit tighter in the pants if you catch my drift.

After some secret adjusting we headed back to the dorm. We walked to his door and he let me in. Apparently, Tyler was out for a couple of hours so we had the room to ourselves. We laid in the bed and put on a movie. I gotta tell you, I don’t even know what movie was playing because it wasn’t too long before we were full on making out.

He rolled on top of me, his hands finding their way under my shirt. Soon my pants were unbuttoned and pulled off of me. Next came the underwear, thrown to the floor. I laid there with just my tee shirt on, feeling pretty exposed but horny and hot at the same time.

“Damn,” Skyler said with a wide grin. “You’re a big guy, huh?”

I felt a bit confused. I had never thought of myself as particularly large, and compared to the porn that I had seen, I wasn’t. Maybe he isn’t so big? And maybe he has never seen another one.

I lean up and see a penis attached to my body that couldn’t be mine. It was huge! “What the—” I grabbed my dick and felt it in my hand. It was mine alright. Somehow I had grown”How big are you?” Skyler asked.

I had no idea how big I was! Sure as hell bigger than this morning! Suddenly, it hit me. The vial from the statue. That had to be it! That damn potion made my dick grow bigger! Fuck! I couldn’t believe it.

“I...uh...I don’t know,” I answered.

“You never measure it?” He asked. I just shook my head in response. “Well here...” He got up and went to his desk drawer before coming back with a tape measure. “Let’s find out!” He took the tape measure and my big cock. “You are 9 inches my friend. That is what we call a huge cock.” He tossed the measuring tape aside. “I’m not going to lie, my brother is going to be so jealous when he finds out.” Skyler pulled his shirt off revealing his toned, sexy body and then removed his pants. His own hard cock came into view, precum dribbling from the tip.

This was my first time doing anything like this. I am not sure what it was, instinct, homo hormones, the hypnotizing of his sexy bod, but I wanted his dick in my mouth. I sat and grabbed him by the hips and put his pulsing head between my lips. It didn’t take much, but Skyler was already moaning and cumming. Shot after shot of cum launched from his penis. I managed to swallow some but the rest ended up on my face and chest.

“Fuck!” He cried. Once he was finished he said “Shit I am sorry. I was trying to hold out but your big dick just got me all riled up! I was not expecting that!” He got me a towel and I wiped off. Once I was done he kept onto me and straddled me on the bed. “Alright,” he said. “Your turn.”

His mouth on my dick felt amazing. His tongue caressed my swollen head my veiny shaft. He sucked and sucked on my cock. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, I had never felt anything so good. He tried to take the whole 9 inches a couple of times but couldn’t. It didn’t matter though the way he used his mouth and tongue. Fuck! It felt so good! It wasn’t too long before I was coming as well.

With a lurch I shot my first load into his mouth, practically straight down his throat it felt like. Releasing my semen felt so good. Another shot sprang out, and another. Skyler was not releasing from off my cock. He was managing to swallow the whole load. Finally with the fourth shot he had to let go and the cum poured down my dick pooling on my abdomen.

Skyler got the towel and cleaned himself off before cleaning me off as well. “I would like to do this again sometime,” Skyler said.

“Yeah, me too.”

“Well you should probably get going before my brother gets in. I don’t need him seeing that thick cock and getting any ideas.”

I’m pretty sure I was blushing. I felt my face get hot. I gathered up my clothes and got dressed before giving him a kiss and heading to my room.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 7

“Shit, what time is it?” Michael asked as I attempted to sneak in. “What in the hell did you guys eat that it took you so long?”

I couldn’t help but have a goofy grin on my face, and I am sure that my hair was a mess. “Holy shit! Did you guys...really?! On the first date?!”

I nodded, my grin probably only becoming wider.

“Damn,” Michael said. “I wish I was gay! Well, how was it?”

“It went well, but before all of that...holy fuck!”


“I don’t know how to tell you this, but you know that shit I ate? Well I think it did something.”

Michael had a quizzical look. Yes, that’s right quizzical. People talk like that. “You going to explain or what?” Michael asked.

“Well...I think it made my...dick grow...” Michael just kind of stared at me. “I mean, it’s big. We measured it at 9 inches!” My penis started to get hard all over again just talking about it.

“That stuff made your cock grow?!” Michael said in disbelief.

“Swear. It has to be it.”

Michael ran to the trash and dug through to find the vial. “Is there any left?!” He uncorked it and help it up, shaking it, but nothing came out. It was empty.

“Sorry man.”

“Damn it! You’re so lucky! 9 inches? That is like a porn star!” He looked at my crotch noticing the bulge. He thought he was slick about it but I noticed. “Man, I cannot believe that who chief thing with passing on his power was true!” He went on. “That’s crazy!”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well our neighbor must have liked what he saw!”

“Shut up,” I said pushing him, feeling embarrassed.

“Yeah well I’m a bit jealous, I will admit that.” I noticed Michael eyeing my crotch again.

“Do you want to see it?” I finally asked.

“Dude!” He said backing away. “We have been through this before. I’m not into that.”

“I know, I just thought you wanted to see it for yourself or something,” I said. “Like proof or something.”

“Keep your newly big dick in your pants,” Michael stated. He jumped into his bed and pulled up his covers. “I can tell just fine through those pants.”

I looked down to see my pants strained due to my increasing erection pushing against the fabric. “Shit, sorry,” I said as I tried to adjust it. “With my new size it seems to be quick to attention as well. All this talk about my big dick has me going.”

“Well if you need a round two your friend is next door,” Michael said with a yawn. “Me, I’m going to bed.”

“Alright. Goodnight,” I said as I also got ready for bed.

Once the lights were off it wasn’t long before Michael was lightly snoring, sound asleep. I however couldn’t stop thinking about my cock. I couldn’t stop touching and feeling its new size in my hands. It was like a stranger to me. It was also still hard. I looked at my stiff cock. The head reached past my belly button a little bit. That was new to me.

“Fuck it,” I said as I quietly began to jerk myself off. It felt so good to stroke my thick member. I tried my best to stay silent as Michael slept so near by. I wanted to moan so badly. I grabbed one of the socks I was wearing from off the floor and slipped it over my hard cock. I wasn’t long before I came into it.

I shot the first mighty stream, then a second. I was impressed how long and hard the stream was of each shot. By the forth shot my sock was soaked through.

I finally stopped and had to take a moment to catch my breath. I took the sock and threw it back on the ground. It landed with a wet plop. Fuck that felt good.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 8

The next day I woke up and Michael was gone. He must have left early to go for a run or maybe grab some breakfast. I stretched and adjusted my cock. Still big, it wasn’t a dream.

I threw my covers off and walked to me dresser. I pulled up my underwear, a nice pair of boxer-briefs. They showed off my package nicely.

I went into the bathroom to grab a towel when the bathroom door leading to the neighbors conjoined room opened as well. In walked Skyler. He was looking sexy even this early. He wore fleece pajama pants and of usual was shirtless.

“Oh I’m sorry!” He said embarrassed. “I should have knocked.”

“No problem. I was just grabbing a towel.” I held up the towel to show him. “But good morning.”

He flashed a smile. “Good morning to you too.” Skyler was looking right at my crotch, almost studying the outline of my cock. He licked his lips which made my dick twitch.

“Those boxer-briefs look good on you,” Skyler said.

I couldn’t say anything in response before he was on me. We made out furiously. His hand gently caressed my cock which was stiffening by the second. Our mouths met, our tongues entwined. He ran his fingers through my hair as I grabbed his firm, round ass.

He pulled away and looked into my eyes. “Tyler isn’t here if you want to come over for a bit,” he grinned.

“Michael is gone too,” I said.

Without needing any more words, he found ourselves in his dorm room in his bed. After a little more making out, he moved down and began to pull my underwear off. “You did me first last time so it’s your turn to be first.” When the elastic band was pulled back, my hard cock sprang into its upright position, slapping against my stomach. “Fuck, I almost forgot how big you are,” he said before sucking on my engorged head.

I threw my head back in pure bliss. His lips wrapped around my thick shaft moving up and down. The sensations were almost too great. He licked my shaft and tongued the flared glands. My dick was pulsing constantly.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m coming!” I breathed right before I pumped the first load into his mouth. He slurped it down before I shot the second, then the third. He was taking them like a champ. He released his seal on my cock and threw his head back.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed.

He wiped his mouth on his arm. He stood up and began to take his own clothes off. When he removed his underwear he was sporting his own giant cock. I did not recall him having a penis as big as mine but it sure looked to be about the same size.

“What the fuck?!” Skyler said seeing his own cock. He walked to the mirror. “My cock is as big as yours!” He raced to his desk and grabbed a ruler. He quickly measured his hard member. “Yup just about 9 inches!” He looked back at me. “How is that possible?”

Holy shit! Did I do that to him? I mean, I must have! I drank that statue cum and grew my own and now I transferred that to Skyler!

Before I could say anything, the door opened and Tyler walked in.

“Fuck!” He said seeing us naked. “Dude, the sock on the doorknob or something!” But then he noticed his brother. “What the fuck?! Your dick!” He said pointing.

Skyler kind of just stared at him. I kind of just stared at him. And if that wasn’t enough of a wtf moment, well what happened next really blew our minds.

Suddenly, Skyler’s cock began to grow right in front of our eyes. His stiff cock was right about to his belly button, but it suddenly began to stretch and lengthen. “Fuck!” Skyler cried as his penis grew. The feeling of his growth was euphoric. His dick stopped growing with the head of his penis right above his belly button.

Skyler took the measurement again. “Holy fuck, I think my cock just grew another inch and a half! My dick is in fucking double digits!”

Tyler stood there staring at his brother’s enormous cock. Then both twins looked at me.

“I can explain.”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 9

“So my cock grew to 9 inches after I drank the stuff, and apparently now my cum makes other people grow,” I said. “I mean … clearly.” I motioned to Skyler’s 10 and a half inches of length between his legs. He still hadn’t bothered to get dressed even though his brother say on the bed next to him.

“You sure it’s your cum doing this?” Tyler asked. They all looked at him.

“What, you think I suddenly had a growth spurt of or something?” Skyler stated.

“Didn’t you hook up last night and now this morning? That’s twice. Did you grow at all after last night?” He asked.

“Well, I don’t know,” Skyler answered. “I just went to bed and then woke up and ran into him in the bathroom. I didn’t notice.”

“So how can we be so sure?” Tyler asked.

“I don’t know.”

Tyler strummed his fingers on the mattress. “I know at least one way.” He pushed himself up off of the bed and made his way over to me. “I know I said we don’t share, but I have to know.”

“Tyler!” Skyler yelled.

“It doesn’t look like it’ll take much to make him cum again,” Tayler said looking at my cock. It was still hard, lengthened and oozing precum. He brushed his finger tip up my shaft that made me shudder. “Yeah, he is ready to blow...again.”

I wanted to stop him...I think. I mean I knew it wasn’t fair to Skyler, but honestly, I was happy to have my dick sucked on again. Tyler kneeled down and took my cock in his mouth, moving up and down. I moaned with pleasure and placed my hand on his head, pushing him down further.

“Tyler!” Skyler yelled. “He is my boyfriend! I called him!”

Tyler didn’t respond and to be honest I wasn’t really listening. It felt so good.

As angry and frustrated as Skyler was getting, the whole scene turned him on. He began to jerk himself off as his brother continued to suck and slurp.

As Tyler took me in his mouth, he began to undress, first removing his shirt then undoing his pants. Soon the three of us were all naked in their dorm room.

I found myself cumming again, shooting load after load into Tyler’s mouth. Skyler also came, his seed spilling onto the floor and his brother’s back.

Tyler swallowed all he could before standing up and looking down at his cock. He didn’t even take the time to wipe off his mouth, cum spread across his face.

Sure enough, his dick began to grow and reached the 9 inch mark. He looked up with a grin. “It worked,” he smiled. “I would apologize but you seemed to enjoy yourself anyways,” he said to his brother. He turned back to me. “I will apologize for this, though. You know we said it before, we are competitive brothers and I can’t go on with a 9 inch dick while my twin is sporting 10 and a half.” He bent back down and started licking up and down my shaft. It tingled. “I need you to cum again my friend,” he said before beginning to suck my cock once more.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 10

“You are not going to believe this!” I exclaimed as I ran into our dorm room. My dick was practically hanging out from when Tyler finished up sucking me off for the second time. I am surprised I can cum so much so quickly.

“What are you going on about?” Michael asked looking up from his laptop.

“Dude! My cum makes other guys’ dicks grow now!”


“I was getting a blowjob from Skyler and after he swallowed my cum his dick grew. Like right before my eyes! And then Tyler came in and he wanted to see if it was true so then he gave me a blowjob. Dude! They are in the other room with like 10 plus inch dicks dangling between their legs!”

Michael looked flabbergasted. “How is that even possible?”

“The King passed on his gift to me!” I cried. “So now my cum makes people grow!”

“No fucking shit,” he said. Michael look down at his own crotch and back up to mine. “They got 10 plus inches?”

I nodded my head emphatically. “Swear to god.” I went to the bathroom and knocked on the neighbors’ bathroom door.

“What are you doing?” Michael asked, poking his head inside.

“I’ll show you.”

Tyler answered the door. He had a giant grin on his face. A grin that said, I have a giant penis.

“Well if it isn’t magic man,” Tyler smiled. Skyler quickly rushed over to join them. “You back for more already?”

“Michael doesn’t believe that I made your guys’ dicks grow.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t believe you,” Michael interjected.

“Well, believe it,” Tyler said, thrusting his big budge outwards. His gym shorts were pulled a little tight in the crotch area. Seemed like the talk about his cock was starting to get him aroused. Skyler too had a huge bulge in his pants. “My brother got a big dick so I had to get one to match. We are both over 10 inches now.”

Michael seemed like he couldn’t stop staring at their big packages. He watched as the fabric pulled just a little bit tighter as their dicks hardened. “I want a big dick too!” He said.

“Then get on your knees my friend!” Tyler said. “Cause the only way that’s happening is if you get your friend’s magic cock into your mouth and suck that bitch off.” He turned to his brother and said, “C’mon Skyler. Let’s leave them to it.” Skyler gave me a smile as Tyler shut the door.

“I’m not gay,” Michael protested, though I was less sure if he was trying to convince me or himself at this point. He sure seemed to be watering at the mouth looking at the Twins’ giant bulges. “I mean, I love you bro. You know that. But putting your dick in my mouth is not something that I plan on doing.”

I left the bathroom and reentered our dorm room. Michael followed after me. “No one said you had to,” I stated.

“I know, but I want a big dick like you guys!” He growled. He thought about it for a second. “What if you just like, came in my mouth, like you take aim and just shoot into my open mouth and I down it fast like taking a shot?”

“If you want me to cum in your mouth I will,” I said.

“I mean I don’t...but I do...”

I gave a sigh. Annoyed I pushed him into his bed where he sat on the edge. I began to rub my cock through my pants. I didn’t take much to get hard anymore and my penis quickly became erect.

I pulled off my pants and had my thick, hard cock exposed out in the open. I stroked the shaft and began to masturbate. Michael just watched nervously.

After massaging and rubbing my dick for a bit I could feel my hand becoming slick with precum. That just made it feel that much better. I threw my head back and panted. “Get ready,” I said. “I’m going to come soon!”

Michael sat on the edge of the bed and gripped the sheets nervously on either side of himself. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth with his tongue sticking out.

I tried to take aim. My penis wasn’t too far from his face but with the first shot I lurched up and mistakenly came onto his face. The second shot I did a lot better, shooting into his mouth. Fuck it felt good. A third shot, this one into his mouth again. He gagged a little as he tried to swallow it down. I couldn’t believe I was cumming onto my best friends face. I am not sure of this was something I had always wanted or not, like a dream come true, but in that moment it sure was fucking hot.

Finally I had finished. Michael’s face was covered in cum but he did get a large amount in his mouth. Michael wiped his face off with his hands.

“You feel anything?” I asked.

“Like love?” He joked. “Wait...I do feel a kinda tingle—whoa!” He exclaimed as his crotch became visibly tighter in his pants. “It’s working!” He began to furiously lick off the cum from his fingers.

“There, now you have a big dick like the rest of us,” I said as I clean myself up.

“Hell yeah!” Michael cheered. He swung his hips side to side looking at his bulge. “We gotta take this out for a spin!” He then had an idea and ran to his desk. He pulled out a ruler and raced to the bathroom. “Gotta go measure!”

I waited in our dorm room for him to finish. He finally came out holding the ruler over his head. “9 inches!” He shouted. “Got me a big ass dick!”

“Hey we are the same size now,” I laughed.

“Yeah. I gotta go show off my new package. Let’s go to the mall!” Michael grabbed his coat as though it was already decided.

“All right, let’s go.”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 11

We spent most of the day walking around the mall. Michael was thrilled when he noticed someone checking out our bulges. “Probably thinks we are stuffing,” he said. “All real, my friend!” Michael wanted to buy some new pants to show off his new size. I bought some new underwear because the ones I was wearing were a little snug and uncomfortable. I could only imagine what the twins were dealing with considering they were now over 10 inches each. He couldn’t think too hard on that though because he started to get a hard on in the clothing store.

After such a long day we came back to the dorm and both laid out onto our beds. I was exhausted after walking around the mall for hours. “I’m thinking I might call it a night,” I said looking at the clock. It was even later than I had anticipated.

“All right,” Michael agreed. “But tomorrow we need to party or something.”

“Sure,” I said with a yawn. I threw my clothes off to the floor and cut the lights. Once under my covers I decided to take my underwear off and sleep naked. I was still wearing the tight underwear and decided I would just for tonight. Michael also got into bed and it wasn’t long before he passed out.

Slowly I followed suit and drifted off to sleep.

I had an interesting dream that night. The twins were over and crawled into my bed. Skyler was to my right and Tyler was to my left. They were naked and under the covers with me. Their huge cocks were hard as steel and pulsed against my sides. They both began to make out with me. One would kiss me on the mouth while the other kissed my body. Then they would switch. Tyler grabbed my stiff cock and began to give me a hand job. Skyler grabbed my cock as well helping to get me off. I moaned as Skyler dipped his head down and took me in his mouth. I cried with pleasure as he tongue caressed my swollen head. Then Tyler moved in on the fun, kissing and licking the base of my shift. He moved his lips up to his brother and fished my cock out of his mouth with his tongue taking my throbbing head into his own mouth. If felt so good I couldn’t stand it. Suddenly I was cumming. He swallowed the cum without issue. I came again. Tyler took the whole load. Skyler switched back over and took me into his warm mouth, pushing me to cum a third time. “Fuck...” I cried.

I started coming to, hearing the sound of sloppy sucking. I could feel my dick being sucked on. “Fuck...” I murmured. “Skyler...fuck...” I was waking up realizing that I was no longer dreaming. My cock was actually hard and in someone’s mouth.

I opened my eyes and saw a figures head bobbing up and down at my crotch, my shaft disappearing and reappearing. As my eyes adjusted I saw and realized what was going on. Michael had crawled into my bed and was giving me a blow job. He slurped on my big cock. I closed my eyes and groaned.

“Fuck!” I said weakly as I grasped my sheets.

I came hard, and Michael gobbled it up, swallowing the load like a champ. He licked my dick off like a crazed hungry man who hadn’t eaten in days. I came again and he was on it, drinking up all that he could.

Finally I stopped. I sat up. “Michael? What the fuck?”

“Sorry man...I uh, I just had to.”

“Well—fuck! You worked my dick like a pro. That was the best head I’ve ever had.”

Michael just cried out in reply. He threw his head back and his dick, hard and erect, flopped out onto my stomach. It sure didn’t look like 9 inches anymore. He started to masturbate, rubbing the giant member. His cock was so thick now he was barely able to close his hand around it.

“Let me help,” I said and leaned forward. I grabbed his penis and ran my fingers down its length. Without much delay I stuck his engorged head into my mouth.

“Fuck me!” He said in ecstasy as I sucked his huge cock. He rocked his hips back and forth thrusting his dick deeper into my mouth.

It wasn’t long until he came as well. The amount of cum that rushed into my mouth took my by surprise. Some even shot right down my throat making me gag a bit. I stayed strong though and kept his dick in my mouth as he came again.

When he was finished he collapsed in a heap. I wiped my mouth and sat up. I was curious what had gotten into him, but to be completely honest I was more interested in getting a good look at just how big his dick was now.

“Dude, not that I’m complaining but what in the hell was that?” I asked him.

He wiped his brow. “Sorry,” Michael said. “I woke up and could stop thinking about it and it looked over and you were full on display and hard and well...”

“What happened to not putting my cock in your mouth?” I teased.

“Fuck it,” he said. He stood up and his horse cock slapped against his leg. It was literally half way down his thigh.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed seeing it in all its glory. “You sure you only sucked me off the one time?”

“Shut up.”

“Grab that ruler. How big are you now?”

Michael grabbed it from the desktop and brought it to his swinging meat. “Fuck I almost tapped this out!”

“12 inches?!” I exclaimed. “You sporting a foot long?!”

Michael nodded wearing a huge grin on his face. It was the biggest dick either of us had ever seen. It was so long and so thick. Both of our penises were getting hard again just looking at it.

“I know this is going to sound crazy but are you up for round two?” Michael asked stroking his long shaft and licking his lips.

I started to stroke my own dick as well when I noticed something.

“Wait a grew too!” I laid there with a bigger dick in my hands than I remembered.

Not taking his one hand from his hardening cock, Michael threw me the ruler. Sure enough my penis was 10 and a half inches long now. It was a little bit thicker too. “Shit, now I’m in double digits too!”

“You don’t think...” Michael started.

“Did your cum make me grow now?!” I couldn’t be sure. Surely I was larger without question but was it that I just ate his cum or was it a delayed spurt? “If it did this could have huge implications!”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is we need to figure this out right away.”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 12

“Holy fuck!” Tyler exclaimed seeing Michael’s enormous cock. “Seems like you have been sucking a lot of cock lately for a straight guy!”

Michael sat on the edge of his bed. He didn’t bother putting any clothes on so his penis was out in the open. He was still semihard from earlier and all this attention was getting him riled again.

I decided it best to bring everyone in on this so as soon as I made the decision I went and grabbed Tyler and Skyler from next door and brought them over. If Michael’s cum made me grow like we think it might have, then chances are theirs will do the same and if we didn’t know that and they went around not shy about their newly sized equipment we could potentially of had an epidemic on our hands.

When I explained this to Michael he was just more concerned that if every guy on campus was packing then his own foot long horse cock would be far less impressive.

“Yes, the straight guy sucked long and hard on Jo’s cock last night,” Michael said.

“Can’t rightly blame you,” Skyler said, feeling his own 10 plus incher stir in his pants.

“Well, the actual reason I asked you guys over is because my cock has grown as well,” I said. “That is after I sucked Michael off.” I looked at Skyler feeling a little awkward since we had gone on that date, what, a day ago? Two days ago? Either way, awkward. Skyler didn’t seem to react too strongly. Maybe he understood. Maybe he was numbed to it after watching his twin brother take me in his mouth a couple of times. Maybe he is opening up to sharing.

“Wait, so are you saying that you passed the ability to grow others onto us?” Tyler asked.

“That’s the question,” I said. “We are not sure yet but if it’s true I knew we had to tell you guys immediately … before you find out the hard way.”

“Let’s find out for sure,” Skyler suggested before he just went ahead and pulled off his pants.

“Whoa! You don’t have to.”

“I’m with my brother,” Tyler chimed in, pulling off his pants as well. Both twins walked over towards me, their cocks steadily rising and starting to drip.

“You have given us this gift so let us return the favor,” Skyler said, pumping his thick member.

“And I basically took the gift so it’s the least I could do,” Tyler said.

They pushed me against my bed and tore off my clothes. Michael sat on his bed across from the action watching every second. His cock was rock solid and dripped pre all over his own hands as he slowly traced up and down his long shaft. While the twins stated before that they weren’t into sharing, there were definitely two hard enormous cocks coming at me at the same time. I grabbed one with each hand. I put Skyler’s cock in my mouth first. My tongue traced his flared head. Then Tyler’s cock replaced Skyler’s. Then they switched again. I started to forget who’s cock belong to which brother. It didn’t matter anymore. Suddenly I had both cocks vying for space in my mouth at the same time. Such thick juicy and engorged heads, they could barely fit inside together. They were pressed against the inside of my cheeks.

“I’m going to come!” Tyler breathed.

“Me too!” Skyler panted.

Suddenly a rush of cum filled my mouth so quickly that it spurted from the sides. I did my best to open up my throat and take as much as I could. The twins kept cumming, grasping each others hands and crying out as they pumped more and more down my throat. I heard Michael cry out as well as he came all over himself as he watched.

They finally ceased and pulled their dicks out. Once the two huge cocks weren’t shoved in my mouth I gasped for air. I sat up and tried to collect myself. Cum was slathered across my face and my chest.

“Sorry, we got a little carried away,” Skyler said.

“Yeah probably shouldn’t have both cum in your mouth at the exact same time,” Tyler agreed.

“It was fucking hot is what it was,” Michael said cleaning himself up. “And that’s coming from a straight guy.”

I was going to make a wisecrack about Michael and his newly developed gay interests but before I could a feeling washed over me. I had felt it before but never this strong. This time it was like one of the best orgasms I’d ever had. Before my eyes, my cock began to grow. Still hard, it stretched up passed my belly button reaching up towards my chest. The feeling of the growth was incredible. All I could do was moan in ecstasy as my dick grew longer and thicker. The feeling was so overwhelming that I came, splashed me right in the face. The growth stopped but I came again, this time hitting the wall I leaned against. I sat back breathing heavy and feeling my heavy cock lay across my stomach stopping right at my nipples. Holy shit, I could lean down and give my cock head a kiss if I wanted to.

“Fuck!” They all exclaimed. Michael ran over with the ruler but of course my dick now reach far beyond 12 inches.

“We have a tape measure!” Skyler said before running off to get it. All I could do was lay there and catch my breath. He returned and the pulled the tape across my massive dick. “Holy fucking shit , your penis is 18 inches long! A foot and a half!”

I looked down at my enormous cock. I gave it a solid pat. It stirred to life a bit again. I stood up and my huge, heavy dick swung down dangling between my legs. It reached down to my knees.

“You don’t think it’s too much?” I asked knocking my fat, swollen head from side to side with each knee.

Michael shook his head, staring at my huge member. His mouth looked positively watery.

“Fuck no,” Tyler said.

“Hell, if you wanted a couple more inches I’d let you suck me off again,” Skyler grinned.

I grabbed my underwear and pulled them on. When I got to my new girthy cock, I wasn’t sure how to fit it inside. I first wrapped it down between my legs but my head reached my asshole which felt weird and made it impossible to sit. I wrapped it around my waist but my cock reached my crack that way too. Straight down, my cock dangled beyond my shorts. Straight up seemed to be the easiest.

“I think I need bigger underwear,” I said. I pulled up my pants and struggled to zip them closed. “Bigger pants too.”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 13

After much ogling, the twins returned to their dorm room. I stood in front of the mirror checking myself out. My dick was huge. Soft it was at my knees. Hard it reached up to my chest. Currently it was hard again.

“I get turned on too easily,” I said. “How am I supposed to go about my day if I turn on myself so quickly.” I pulled my shirt tight so I could easily make out the long shaft trailing up in front of me underneath it. “And it’s not easily hidden.”

“Fuck it. Who cares,” Michael said from behind me. “It’s fucking hot.”

“My giant penis is hot to you, straight guy?” I teased.

Michael came up behind me. His own long cock hard, pressed against my ass. He reached around and softly stroked my dick through my t-shirt. “Straight, gay, I don’t give a fuck anymore,” he whispered in my ear. “You are fucking hot and ever since your new growth spurt I have wanted your giant cock in my mouth.”

A shiver shot down my body and up my cock. Michael reached underneath my shirt and grasped his hands around my thick member. I felt his cock pulse against my ass as he did so.

“Michael,” I breathed. He turned me around and ripped off my shirt, setting my dick free. He didn’t even need to kneel. My cock was so long that he just had to bend over a bit to take me in his mouth. “Fuck.” I said as I threw my head back while he worked over my swollen dick. His tongue explored my cock. It trailed the entire length of my shaft before finding my head in his mouth again.

Michael took my cock out of his mouth and worked it with both hands. “I’m about to cum if you want it,” Michael said sweaty and out of breath.

I thought about my dick growing again. While the idea almost made me cum instantaneously, I shook my head no.

Michael’s eyes rolled back and he groaned as his cock sprayed me with his cum. It splashed against my stomach and thighs before dripping down to the ground.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. “I’m going to cum,” I breathed. Michael jumped right onto my dick, taking it into his mouth. It was just in time too. I came and came and he swallowed and swallowed.

As I finished, Michael threw his head back and moaned as his penis grew. His cock stretched up before mine, traveling up my stomach beside my own enormous penis, leaving a trail of pre behind.

Tyler left behind his measuring tape. Michael snatched it and quickly measured. “14 inches,” Michael smiled. He looked into my eyes with a grin. “Only four more inches to catch up to you,” he said. He moved back closer to me not breaking eye contact. He moved in and started making out with me.

“Fuck it,” he said between kisses. “And fuck the twins. I’ll be your boyfriend.”

“What? Really?”

“I want you,” he said. He guided me to my bed and pushed me down. “Now if I’m going to get those four inches...” He trailed his finger up my long cock. “Think you can go again?”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 14

We went to sleep naked together. Michael, my best friend, my boyfriend. I love that.

I was once again sleeping but heard the faint sound of sucking. I moaned and slightly moved my hips. “Michael,” I murmured sleepily. “Again?”

I felt down and found my hard cock. My hand moved up my solid shaft and reached my swollen head resting against my chest. No Michael. I could hear what was clearly someone sucking on something noisily but no one’s heads was tasting my cock.

I opened my eyes and allowed my eyes to adjust. Down at the foot of my bed I saw Michael sitting upright. He was sucking a cock, but it wasn’t mine. His hard, long penis reached up and disappeared into his own mouth. His head bobbed up and down as he took as much of his own dick as he could reach.


Michael moaned, muffled by his own solid penis. He then came and swallowed his own cum. After cumming a number of times, eating all that he could, he let go of his penis with a loud pop from breaking the seal of his lips.

He sat stroking his big cock. It grew right in his hands, becoming thicker and longer. He pressed his giant head of his cock against his cheek. “Fuck I’m sorry,” he said. “I am addicted.” He licked the pre dripping from his penis.

“Holy shit dude you are huge!” I exclaimed.

“I know,” he smiled. He grabbed the tape. “Fuck, 23 inches.” He rubbed his cock. “I’m almost two feet long.” He licked his penis again. “It reaches my mouth now when it’s hard,” he said, sticking his swollen cock head inside his mouth and sucking on it a bit. “Fuck,” Michael said taking a break. “I feel like I could just come again.” He popped his cock back into his mouth.

Seeing him suck his own cock off was making me all kinds of horny. I was hard as a rock and my hands couldn’t help but touch myself.

“I’m not going to lie,” Michael said. “Having my dick right at mouth level is not going to last very long.” He once again licked the pre dripping down his shaft.

“Shi,t dude,” I said. “How big do you plan on getting?” Michael shrugged his shoulders not being bothered to take his dick out of his mouth. “What about pants and shit?”

“Man, fuck pants and shit,” he said. “This is way too much fun to be worrying about that stuff.”

“I would be a little worried about it getting in the way,” I said, still stroking my own cock.

“In the way of what? Fuck that. And if I’m going to have a boyfriend then he is going to have a giant dick too.”

I looked down and motioned to my dick that currently fully erect reached up to my chest.

“No, no my friend,” Michael said. “This is a giant dick.” He popped his cock head in his mouth just in time for him to release another torrent of cum. He gobbled it up as best he could, cum dripping from his lips. I could see his huge rod pulsing each time he came again and again. Once finished, he even lapped up all the cum that he could that had ran down his shaft.

He threw his head back and moaned as his dick began to grow again. His swollen head reach up past his face. He could no longer get his cock in his mouth because it was too long. “Fuck,” he said. He pushed his hardened cock to the side so he could see. “Quick, get on this. We need to get you caught up.”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 15

I couldn’t believe I let him do this to me. We spent hours together, Michael and I, and somehow I ended up sucking him off not once, not twice, but three times. Not that it took much convincing. His huge cock was too sexy to resist and I have had a secret crush on my best friend for a long while. I didn’t have to ingest as much of his cum as I did and I knew that doing it would only make my own cock grow bigger but I couldn’t help it. I sucked that shit down hard like my life depended on it.

I laid next to him, both of us naked. Michael was asleep after all of our activity. He was happy to suck my dick off as well, growing once again himself. I shifted my feet, unable to truly tell what was Michael’s legs and what was his cock. His dick had gotten so huge that they were pretty close in size and girth.

I pushed myself up and shifted to the edge of the bed. I heard a thump and knew, it was the head of my cock dropping and hitting the floor. “Fuck,” I murmured seeing my own enormous cock draped over the side of the bed and going all the way to the ground where my fat cock head laid solidly on the floor. I stood up and it stayed resting on the ground. I suppose that means my penis is longer than my legs. I’m sure it was almost as thick as my leg.

“Hey there sexy,” Michael said now awake. I turned to see him gently tracing his cock with his finger. It was slowly hardening and lifting up off the bed. “God damn your cock got big,” he smiled.

“Yeah we’ll have you looked at your own recently?”

Michael patted his swelling cock. “You measure it yet?”

“No,” I answered.

“Grab the measuring tape and let’s see how big we are now.”

I obliged and got the measuring tape I lifted my heavy cock up off the ground and took the tape from the base to my tip. “Fuck, it’s three feet 2 inches!”

“Shit! Do mine!” I brought the tape to him. “Three feet 5 inches!” His cock pulsed. “You are closer to my size than I thought. I am so close to 3 and a half feet...” Michael had a devious grin and licked his lips. “Why don’t you come over here and maybe we can get me there.”

“Dude!” I exclaimed. “Our cocks are over three feet long! We are too big already! How am I supposed to walk around with my cock dragging on the floor?”

Michael scoffed and pushed himself off the bed, standing. “All you gotta do is stay hard.” His cock was erect. It was so big now that it was heavy and weighted down but it managed to be airborne and stood straight out. I was standing a good distance away but he still managed to poke me with it. “See? No dragging.”

“You are crazy,” I said. “No more.”

There came a knock at the door. I walked over, lifting my penis off the ground. “Hello?” I said through the closed door.

“Hey it’s Skyler and Tyler. Let us in.”

I opened the door, making sure I was hidden from the hall and closed it once they entered. The twins stared at my enormous cock then at Michaels’. “Holy fuck you guys have been busy,” Skyler said.

“Yeah well...what’s going on?” I asked.

They gave each other a look and then dropped their pants. Their cocks were the same size as last time they were here, sizable at least compared to normal sized cocks. What caught my eye wasn’t their cocks. It was their balls. They were huge, sloshing around like two oranges filled with water.

“Your balls are huge!” Michael stated. His and mine were the same as they were before all this craziness started.

“Yeah,” Tyler said. “They have been slowly growing ever since the last time we were here.”

“Why are your balls growing and ours are staying the same?” I wondered.

“Well we have a theory about that,” Tyler started.

“You know how ever since the growth we have all came more than we ever have before? You know, more than your average human?” Skyler asked. “Well we haven’t came since our last encounter.”

“We are thinking that this is what happens when you don’t cum for a while,” Tyler stated. “It all builds up.”

“Well we need to stop cumming as you can see,” I said motioning to Michael and my gigantic cocks.

“We just wanted to warn you that this may be a possibility,” Tyler said.

“We were also hoping someone was willing to us unload if you know what I mean,” Skyler added.

Michael jumped at the chance but I shut that down quick. “We can not afford to get any bigger. We are too big as it is.”

“Old fashioned way it is,” Skyler said rubbed his cock.

“All right, we are going to go. Probably going to get messy.”

“Good luck,” I stated.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 16

A week passed and I made sure to keep Michael in check. We hadn’t grown our cocks any larger which is good because classes were to start soon. The only thing was the twins seemed to be right. Because we were no longer cumming, our balls began to grow. And probably because we had grown so much before and I turn were cumming so much, our balls were growing bigger faster.

Michael sat on the edge of his bed, his long cock hanging over two balls so swollen that they were larger than grapefruit. “Damn it,” he moaned rubbing the huge balls. “I need to come soon.”

I just shook my head. Though I looked down at my own grapefruit sized balls that swayed back and forth as I walked. They were getting heavy.

A knock came at the door. It had to be the twins. They are the only ones who seem to come by. I opened the door a crack and saw Tyler standing there by himself. He gave me a smile.

“Hey come on in,” I said.

“I just wanted to come by and check on you guys,” he said. “Looks like you haven’t cum in a while.”

“Yeah it’s a lose lose situation. Cum and our cocks grow, don’t cum and our balls grow.”

“Cock only grows if you eat the cum,” Tyler stated. “What Skyler and I have been doing is just masturbating to keep it down. We even use jugs to try to keep it clean. We have a shit ton of cum in jugs in our room that we need to throw away.” He explained. “Try something like that to keep the growing down. It works for us.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m not sure though that Michael would be able to control himself.” Michael shot me a grumpy look from across the room.

“Well, you guys should probably do something otherwise you are going to end up walking around with two beachballs between your legs,” he stated. “Maybe worse.”

I looked down at my already engorged balls. “You really think they will keep growing?” I asked hoping for an answer I knew wasn’t true.

“For sure,” he answered. “Anyways I gotta go meet my brother for lunch so I will catch you guys later.”

“All right, thanks.” And with that he left. I turned to Michael who was still rubbing his big balls. “Do you think you can handle cumming and not eating it?” I asked him.

“I’m willing to try because I have to do something,” he said. He pushed himself up and walked to the bathroom, his dick dragging on the floor. “I’m going to try to take care of this in the shower maybe.” He walked in and closed the door behind him.

I heard the water turn on. I sighed. I really hoped he could relieve himself without try to grow some more. His giant cock was already ridiculous. Though it is probably so large now that eating his own cum may not even be doable. He penis is so long that his cockhead is above his own head. He would probably just cum and spray all over the shower ceiling and whatnot. Unfortunately I could totally see him just lapping up his own cum as it dripped down the tile.

I waited for a while. He sure seemed to be taking a while in there. I know from experience that cumming does take too long to happen with us now a days.

I knocked on the door. “Michael? You alright in there?” There was no answer. “Michael, I can come help you if you want.” Nothing. I opened the door. It was unlocked. I stepped inside, the room filled with steam. Michael wasn’t in the shower. He wasn’t anywhere to be found.

“What the fuck,” I murmured. I turned and noticed that the twins door to the bathroom was ajar. I slowly pushed it open and stepped into their dorm room.

There I found Michael. He sat on the floor and was finishing guzzling a jug of what appeared to be cum. When that one was finished he tossed it aside amongst the other emptied jugs and started on the next one.

“Holy shit, Michael!” I exclaimed.

His dick had grown and it was still expanding along the ground. His own cum and pre soaked the carpet around him. I would have been appalled by the scene if I wasn’t so turned on. My own long cock lifted up off the floor as I got harder.

Michael’s cock expanded and grew to maximum proportions. If I were to want to jack him off I would have to hug his cock it was so thick. The head of his cock was so massive and swollen it was bigger than his own head. His dick was definitely longer than he was tall and still growing.

He threw the last jug aside and gave a loud belch. His stomach was so big and round from all the cum he just drank it looked like he was pregnant.

He moaned as his penis stretched out doubling in size from what it was before. It hit the other side of the room.

I walked towards him. My feet squished on the carpet, soaked in pre. “Dude! What are you doing?! You are huge!”

My penis was stiff and pointing straight out. As I neared him, my own long cock poked him in his bulging belly. He mindlessly grabbed my swollen cock head and pulled me forward. He brought my cock to his mouth and he began to suck me off. I wanted to stop him but I was too busy breathing and moaning to say anything. I threw my head back and cried out. It felt so damn good. His wet lips and tongue danced across my sensitive skin.

“Cum in my mouth,” Michael said as he continued to slurp around my cock. “Feed me your cum. I want more. I want to be bigger!”

I couldn’t hold it any longer. My cock jerked and pulsed as I shot my first load down his throat. He swallowed it up like a champ, not missing a single drop. I came again and again. Michael continued to guzzle my cum down like a shake through a straw. I had never cum so much in all my life. So much must have built up in the time I stopped.

While I was having the strongest orgasm of my life, the latch on the door turned and Skyler and Tyler walked into their room. They were shocked to find us. “What in the hell did you do to our room?!” They cried out.

Michael was still sucking relentlessly on my cock and I was moaning and cumming. Michael’s dick once again began to grow, smashing up against the wall until it finally sprung upwards and started stretching towards the ceiling.

I stopped coming and Michael let my cock go with a pop of his mouth. I fell backwards when released. As I sat on the floor I noticed my balls had returned to normal size.

“What the hell man!?” Tyler cried. He and Skyler went to Michaels side. “You ruined our room.”

“Sorry,” Michael said as he rubbed his swollen belly. “Let me make it up to you guys,” he said and grabbed Tyler’s belt.

Tyler swatted his hand away. “Dude you have a problem.”

“A big problem,” Skyler said, patting the massive schlong laying before them.

“I’m sorry guys,” I said, embarrassed that they walked in on that.

The twins didn’t say anything, but their pants were visibly tightening.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 17

“I’m so pissed about our room,” Tyler growled. “But your ridiculously huge cock is fucking hot.” He rubbed he hardening dick through his pants.

“Fuck, how big do you think your cock is now?” Skyler asked also rubbing his hard on.

“I don’t know,” Michael said licking his lips. “But get over here if you wanna see it even bigger.”

“You want it even bigger?” Skyler asked, his dick throbbing at the prospect.

“Wait guys,” I said nervously. “Michael, you are getting too big!”

“Little late for that,” Tyler grinned, pulling his dick out. “His cock already is at least twice as long as he is tall. It stretches across the entire room. He probably can’t even walk without it dragging behind him. At this point who gives a fuck?”

“I give a fuck,” Michael said. “I give a fuck and I want it to grow bigger.” He reached for Tyler’s dick and pulled him close. He took his thick member into his mouth and began sucking it off furiously.

“Fuck,” Skyler breathed also pulling out his dick. He went over to Michael and his brother and joined in. Michael had both brothers cocks in his mouth pressed against his cheeks.

Watching all this happen, I couldn’t help but get hard again. “Damn it!” I growled. Getting hard so easily had become frustrating.

The twins moaned in ecstasy. They both reached back towards me, asking me to join in. I grumbled as I walked over to them. They both began to masturbate my long cock with both hands. That was fucking hot.

Michael grasped the twins’ asses as he slurped on both their drooling members. Meanwhile the twins were stroking my three foot long cock while taking turned licking my cockhead.

The twins both began breathing heavy. “I’m about to cum!” Tyler shouted. “Me too!” Skyler yelled.

“Feed me and make my cock grow! I want to be bigger!” Michael demanded. The twins both began to fill Michael’s mouth with their seed. Having two coming at once was almost too much to take all at once. Globs of cum spurted out around the edges of his lips. Michael was dead set on eating it all. He swallowed as much and as quickly as he could.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum too!” I shouted. Michael grabbed my cock and shoved it into his mouth. I came hard. How he managed to take it all, I’ll never know. I wasn’t sure if the twins had already finished and pulled out or not. Having both of their thick swollen heads in his mouth was already pushing it to the limits, but I was too preoccupied having one of the most intense orgasms of my life to notice.

I backed away, my head spinning. I was standing between the twins who also backed away. All of our dicks hung down between our legs, theirs down their thighs, mine resting on the floor. All were wet, glistening with spit and cum.

We were all staring at Michael, who was still sitting on the floor wiping up the stray cum from around his mouth and face and licking it off his fingers. He was clearly determined to get as much as he possibly could.

I could audibly hear Michael’s stomach gurgling. He groaned rubbing his enlarged gut which rested atop his torso thick member. You could hear the cum churning inside.

It wasn’t long before Michael’s giant cock began to grow again. His swollen head inflated even larger. His shaft thickened and stretched. His dick was trailing up the wall towards the ceiling like some deranged bent candy cane. His cockhead left a trail of pre up the way as it grew further and further up. Finally it stopped, his slit just barely kissing the ceiling.

“Fuck dude,” Tyler said. “That’s one huge fucking cock.”

Michael moaned as something else started happening. His enormous cock began to lift up at the base, pushing his swollen gut up with it. From underneath it all, Michael’s balls began to grow and inflate. Soon they were two beach balls laying beneath him, sloshing and churning even more so than his swollen gut.

“That’s new,” Skyler said.

“Fuck, I am going to cum,” Michael panted.

“Well fuck it, the room is ruined already,” Tyler stated.

Michael bucked as huge ropes of cum began shooting out from his giant dick. It splashed against the ceiling and rained down on them.

Soon the entire room was covered in it.

I wiped his come away from my eyes. “Damn it Michael, you drenched us!”

“Oh fuck,” he moaned as he came again, adding another layer of cum to everything.

Skyler and Tyler slid around, slick and slippery. They braced each other so they wouldn’t fall in the pool collecting at their feet. Seeing them all slicked up with cum embracing each other, their hard cocks banging against each other, it turned me on even more.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 18

Finally Michael completed his orgasm. He laid back breathing heavily, too tired to even start licking up the cum that he’d painted himself with.

“Your balls didn’t shrink this time,” Skyler noticed seeing the beach ball sized masses still resting beneath Michael.

“Fuck!” Tyler cried. Skyler and turned to him.

“What’s wrong?!” Skyler said.

“I just—fuck!” He said as his hips bucked. Suddenly his cock sprung forward, inches longer than it just was.

“Tyler did you get Michael’s cum in your mouth?!”

“No! I swear I—shit!” He said as his hips thrusted again, his cock lengthening and thickening.

“Then how—ooooh!” Skyler said, also now thrusting and his cock growing right before our eyes. “Holy shit, I didn’t eat any either! What’s going—ooh fuck—what’s going on?!”

Suddenly, my cock too sprung to life. It flopped up and stretched farther on the floor. We all moaned in ecstasy as out penises grew longer and longer.

When it was all over, the twins stood with their cocks stiff and thick, reaching all the way up to their faces. Mine was so large it barely hovered off the floor while erect. It was too heavy. It was surely longer than I was tall and the head was bigger than my own.

“Did just being in contact with Michael’s cum make us grow?” Skyler asked.

“I don’t know how else to explain it,” I stated.

“Fuck our cocks are so big now!” Tyler said, rubbing the entirety of his shaft.

“Your fucking telling me,” I said thinking about how pants were no longer even feasible. I’m pretty sure the waist of my pants wouldn’t even button around the thickest part of my shaft let alone fit in one of the legs.

“As a heads up though,” I started. “Michael wasn’t wrong in saying that when your cock is at mouth level, it won’t stay that way for long. Like candy constantly dangled in front of your face.”

“I dunno,” Skyler said. “I feel like we are pretty good at will power and self control, right Tyler?” He asked turning to his brother. His big cock slapped against his brother’s large member by mistake, knocking it from Tyler’s mouth.

“Tyler!” Skyler growled.

“He’s right. Can’t help it,” Tyler said and leaned forward to suck his cock again. Instead he found his brothers cock in his mouth. His first instinct was to back away and spit it out, but he couldn’t seem to stop.

“Tyler?!” Skyler cried in surprise. “Tyler! I...i... Fucking Christ...” Skyler found his brother cock bobbing nearby and grabbed it, forcing it into his mouth.

I stood there watching as the twins sucked each other off. Their cocks long enough that they could do it standing. It was so fucking hot. Much to my surprise, my giant cock raised up even higher. I looked back at Michael. Luckily he was still in some sort of ecstasy coma as wasn’t paying attention. Thank goodness because we didn’t need another cum shower induced growth spurt.

Both twins gave out a muffled moan as they filled each other’s mouths with cum.

They swallowed and swallowed stroking the giant cocks before them. Finally, the cumming ceased. They stood in front of each other unsure how to react.

Tyler was the first to speak. “I know it was wrong, but fucking eh that was hot!”

Skyler laughed and then groaned as his penis stretched up further growing past his mouth, past his eyes, and cresting above his head. Tyler’s cock did the same.

“Fuck! We really did it now,” Skyler said face to face with his enormous cock.

“Save some of that cum for me,” Michael said licking his lips. He finally came to.

“You have had enough,” I said.

“Well you haven’t had enough,” he shot back. I looked down at my huge cock, my bulbous cock head so far away I couldn’t even reach it. “Told you that my boyfriend needs to have a huge dick.”

“Believe me, I do.”

“I’m not so sure,” Michael said, patting his own ridiculous cock.

A knock rapped on the door. “Hello?” A voice said. It was Henry the RA.

“Shit!” Tyler said eyeing Michael’s monstrously sized dick. “What do we do?” He asked feeling a bit panicked.

“I have an idea!” I exclaimed. “Come with me,” I said grabbing Skyler by the arm. I pulled him through the conjoined bathroom and into our dorm room. I opened the door and poked my head out looking down at where Henry stood in from of the twins door. “Hey Henry!” I called out.

“Oh hey!” Henry said and walked over. “Hey I was just making the rounds letting everyone know about the pep rally that’s about to start over in the gym. Gotta make sure everyone is there!”

“Oh sure,” I said. “We are just hanging out with our suite mates in our room.”

Skylar took his cue and also poked his head out. “Hey Henry,” he said.

“Oh good! Gotcha ya both in one shot!” He looked as though he would have given himself a high five. “See you guys there!” He said as he moved on to the next room.

I shut the door and let out a sigh of relief. “All right, we took care of it,” I stated as we walked back into the twins room.

“We need to get him out of here,” Tyler said. “It’s only a matter of time. Can’t hide this big thing forever.”

“We need to get him out of here,” Skyler agreed.

I eyed Michael’s enormous cock and then the door. “Probably a good idea while he can fit through the doorway.”

“Not for long,” Michael giggled and licked his lips.

“So everyone is going to the seminar thing so shortly the dorm will be clear,” I said. “When that happens, we will get Michael out of here.”

“And go where?” Tyler asked.

“What about woods?” Skyler suggested.

“Is he supposed to live out in the forest?” I asked.

“I’ll live there if you guys keep feeding me your cum,” Michael stated.

“Didn’t I see a closed building or something when we moved in?” Skyler asked.

“Yeah!” Tyler exclaimed. “I remember at the campus tour they were talking about it. It’s the old gym facility. Over the summer they finished the new building and the old one is to become classrooms. There was a funding issue so it’s currently being unused.”

“Well fucking a, can we get in?” I asked.

“How the hell would I know?” Tyler said. “You’re lucky I even knew that.”

“Probably not,” Skyler stated. “It’s locked up tight I’m sure.”

“Woods it is then,” I said. I turned to Michael. “Can you stand?”

“Of course I can,” he said. He pressed his back up against the wall he was leaning on and propped himself up. His giant cock slid off the opposing wall and thudded onto the floor. His huge balls hung to his knees. He placed a hand atop his bloated belly. “See,” he said.

“You look ridiculous,” I stated.

He patted his gut and stuck it out further like a pregnant woman, an arm resting on its crest and a hand on the small of his back. He moved to wag his cock back and forth but his dick was so huge it merely slid on the ground a bit, knocking into a desk and toppling a chair. His nuts moved though, the cum audibly sloshing inside as they slapped from thigh to thigh.

Tyler poked his head out of the door to see if the coast was clear. Things were quiet and he didn’t hear anyone around. “I think we are good,” he said. Him and Skyler threw on a pair of shorts and tees, though their long cocks dangled down to the ground. Michael and I had to forgo pants or shorts, and Michael’s shirt ended up being a little tight around his engorged gut.

“Alright, how are we going to do this?” Skyler asked.

We all had to carry Michael’s enormous cock. I carried the head while Skyler and Tyler held the shaft, all the while my own ridiculous cock flung over my shoulder. Even draped over my shoulder, my cock head bounced against my ass as I walked. We did what we could to hide Michael just in case and threw a sheet over top his shaft. It didn’t seem to hide much but it was something. His head and a good amount of his shaft was still sticking out from it.

Michael’s dick was heavy as hell. We started out the door. I was surprised how close the head was in width to the door way. The glans almost touched either side as I carried it through. I made it out into the hallway, Tyler not too far behind carrying his portion followed by Skyler carrying his, and then Michael waddling behind. I turned the corner, Michael’s cock rubbing against the side of the door.

“Fuck, you guys,” Michael warned.

“Sorry. Did that hurt?” I asked. “We have to make the turn of we are getting into the hall. We will take it slow.”

“No it’s not that,” Michael said. “All this touching is starting to turn me on.”

He was right. I could feel his cock getting harder. His cock head engorged in my hands, pre cum dribbling down all over my fingers.

“Get ahold of yourself,” I said as Michael now finally made it out of the room as well. I was already pretty far down the hall.

“Guys, I don’t think I’m going to make it!” Michael said, his cock seizing a bit.

“Dude we just started!” Tyler growled.

“Keep it together!” I said, the pre cum now flowing down my arms.

Suddenly, I found myself face to face with Henry the RA. Well, more accurately Henry found himself face to fax with Michael’s cock.

“What in the hell...?” Henry started.

Before I could say anything, Michael cried out and a giant torrent of cum shot from the cock head is was holding. I almost fell over at the power and force that the cum shot produced. It was like holding a fire hose. Henry however got the full blast right in the face and was knocked back and onto the ground. Michael kept cumming and cumming, shot after shot. Poor Henry was being covered head to toe in thick layers of splooge. At this point all the rest of us could do was watch.

Finally Michael calmed down and stopped cumming. The hallway was wrecked and cum was everywhere. However most of it was all over Henry. Henry finally stood and wiped the mess from his face. “What the fuck!” He cried. “What in the flying fuck!” He looked like a mixture of super confused and extra pissed. However that didn’t last long.

He suddenly started moaning. I could see that the effects of Michael’s cum was immediate. His jeans become noticeably tighter and tighter in his crotch. He gave a sigh of relief as the first seam finally gave away, then the second. Soon his newly massive cock sprung free, slapping against his stomach and sending frayed Jean fragments to the floor. His cock continued to lengthen as it traveled up to his chest. It slowed as it passed where his nipples would be.

“What the fuck just happened?” He asked bewildered and out of breath. His massive thick cock was hard and erect.

“Welcome to the party,” Tyler said dryly.

“How did you...what did you...” He murmured as he wrapped his hands around his thick shaft. “And you all have giant... Especially...” He was rambling.

“No time to explain. Come with us!” I urged. “And then we will tell you everything.”

“Can it again?” Henry said dreamily. It was like he was in a euphoric daze.

“Great, we got another one,” Tyler said.

“Wait. As the RA, do you think he has access to the old gym building?!” Skyler half whispered half shouted.

I smirked. “We will do it again but first you have to get us into the old gym,” I stated.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 19

We walked into the abandoned building. Once inside we dropped Michael’s member with a loud crash that echoed off the halls. Though the building was abandoned, it was still very nice inside. Seemed like all they did was throw chains on the doors and left everything as is inside. When we ran into Henry I thought we were goners but it turned out to be very fortuitous since he had access to where they kept the keys.

“If you guys are going to hide out here then make sure you stay in the inner parts of the building where there are no windows,” Henry said. “Same with turning on the lights. No lights where people could see it from outside.”

We all looked around, it was a huge building. “This place is nice,” Skyler said.

“Yeah, wasting our tuition money building a whole unnecessary new one,” Tyler stated. “Look they even left the gym equipment.”

“Alright. I got you guys in here. Now will someone tell me what’s going on?” Henry said. “How is this possible?” He twisted his hips back and forth to make his penis whip from side to side. His cock was so long it wrapped around his thigh and smacked him on the ass each time.

“Well I found some sort of relic that had a vial in it,” I explained. “Long story short, I drank the vial and here we are. Now who ever drinks my cum will have the same effect. And then their cum effects others too, so it’s contagious. And now it seems Michael’s cum effects people on contact, as you just experienced.”

Michael smiled and patted his swollen balls. They sounded like water balloons.

“He has had so much of our magic cum that it’s like he was upgraded to level 2 or some shit,” Tyler said.

“If I wasn’t standing here looking at four of the biggest dicks in the world, one which had to be carried by three other people so he could walk, and my own cock dangling down to my ankles, I wouldn’t believe it,” Henry said.

“Well you’re one of us now,” Tyler said. “The multi-footer cock suckers.”

“Be careful who you let suck yours,” Skyler warned.

“Oh I’m not leaving,” Henry said. “I’m staying here with you guys.”

“You’re welcome to,” I said.

“You all gay?” Henry asked.

“We are now,” Michael grinned. “Jo and I are now boyfriends.”

I raised my hand, “I’m Jo. Well, Josh.”

“But don’t let that make you think that means our cocks are off limits,” Michael said, still grinning. “We share here. And these two are the twins. Their most recent growth spurt was brought on by sucking each other off, so I’m told.”

“Shut up!” Tyler yelled. However, everyone’s dicks were hardening including his.

“So, I was promised something,” Henry said.

“Alright,” I said. “We appreciate what you did for us so how about we let you pick who you want to do the deed?” I looked back at the others who nodded.

Henry bit his lip as he looked us over. His cock had become fully erect at this point and pressed firmly against his chest.

“You know,” Henry began. “I really helped each one of” He licked his lips.

“You sure?” I asked. “I mean, you are pretty big already.”

“I’m sure of only one thing and that’s how good it felt.”

“I like the way you think,” Michael smiled. “I wish my boyfriend had as much gusto.”

“Enough chatter,” Tyler said basically pushing me aside to get to Henry. “I need my dick sucked on.”

It didn’t take long for Tyler’s dick to find its way into Henry’s mouth. Skyler joined in as well. They grabbed me and pulled me into their sex frenzy. Mouths were all over my dick. Soon we all were cumming and Henry was guzzling. Tyler came first, Skyler was not far behind. Finally I came as well. Henrys lips were locked around my cock head. His lips were already wet from Tyler and Skyler’s load. His cock was already growing as I filled him up.

When we were finished, we were all breathless. Henry’s cock was still growing. He moaned as it stretched and snaked across the floor. When he was finished, his cock had to be just as big as mine.

“Fuck!” Henry groaned. “I’m as big as you now!” He said to me, somewhat off balance by the new weight.

“Yeah,” I stated. “Congrats.”

“Now for you,” Henry said turning to Michael.

“You want to get as big as the big guy there?” Tyler asked.

“For starters,” Henry said.

“Fuck you’re hot,” Michael said.

As Henry climbed atop Michael’s monster cock, his own cock smacking Michael in the face, I had a couple of feelings. One, it was super hot and for a second I was like is that how sexy my dick looks? And two, I was sort of feeling a little jealous I think. I know that is ridiculous and as the way things are we are all kind of in this together, and I had just been brought go completion seconds ago. But the way Michael was excitedly slurping all over Henrys cockhead while he grinded stop Michael’s shaft...I don’t know.

Suddenly my thoughts were disrupted. I heard something. “Wait! Guys!” I whisper shouted. “Did you hear that?”

Henry stopped grinding and Michael stopped slurping. We all stood silently still and listened. There was a jingle of keys and a muffled walkie sound echoing off the walls.

“Shit that sounds like a security guard!” Tyler said. “We gotta hide!”

Henry slipped off of Michael’s dick and bent down to help him lift it up. “C’mon guys, we gotta carry Michael’s cock.”

We all pitched in and grabbed it, lifting it up off the ground except for Skyler who was making sure all the lights were off.

“To the gymnasium,” Henry said. We can go up top to where the track wraps around. It’s a high vantage point and its out of the way. We won’t be seen there. I’ll lead the way.”

Thank god Henry was familiar with this place. Otherwise we probably would have been done for. I guess he will actually be cool to keep around...even he does tickle my boyfriends fancy...

We moved as fast as we could. Michael taking up the rear was almost being pulled by the dick at some points as he was waddling trying to keep up. We made it to the gymnasium and climbed some stairs. It was difficult, especially for Michael and his huge nuts. With each step up he kneed himself in the sack. But we made it, and just in time. As we set Michael’s cock down onto the track, we could see the security guard entering the gymnasium. His flashlight darted this way and that. We peered over the railing to watch him, making sure to keep low just in case.

His shoes clicked on the gym floor.

“Guys,” Michael whispered. “Guys!”

“What Michael?” Tyler said. “Now is not the time!”

“Guys, I think I’m going to cum!” Michael said in a whispered panic.

We all turned to him. “What? No! You have to fight it!” If Michael came, that would be a hard think to not notice and we would be caught.

“After Henry and then everyone grabbing my dick and all the jostling...I...I’m gonna blow!”

“Well maybe we should add the security guard to our little club?” Henry suggested. “Like you did with me.”

“You have been very helpful,” I stated. “But that was an accident. “We can’t grow every guy we run into! It just further expounds upon the issue.”

“Not to mention one more giant cock we have to hide,” Tyler added.

“This conversation is moot because I am about to cum!” Michael breathed.

“Shit! Shit! What do we do?” Skyler panicked.

“Plug it up!” Henry said. “Plug up his cock with something until the guard leaves!”

I looked around. We were up on the track. There was literally nothing to use. “With what?!”

“Here!” Henry said and yanked Skyler’s cock that hung down from the leg opening of his shorts. “Use this!”

“What are you crazy?!” Skyler said.

“I’d do it myself but I’m too big,” Henry said.

“Guys! It’s cumming!” Michael cried.

Henry didn’t give Skyler another chance to say anything. They had no time left to debate. He yanked Skyler’s shorts down and took Skyler’s long cock, shoving it into Michael’s big, oozing slit.