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Sexual Orientation
Part 100

We continued driving towards the quarry. Michael had managed to shrink back down to a manageable size, but not before he took advantage of his extremely muscular body. He had lifted up Ben’s girthy cock in the back and placed me underneath it. So now as we drove along I was pinned in the truck bed with Ben’s huge fat dick weighing down on top of my legs.

“Sorry if I’m squishing you,” Ben said.

I rolled my eyes. “We’re in this mess because of you,” I said callously.

“If you hadn’t run away you wouldn’t have gotten stuck there,” Ben said, still ignorant to the big picture.

“I wasn’t running away,” I stated. “My dad may have found a cure. I needed my phone.”

“Well then, I’m glad Michael stopped you,” Ben pouted. “I don’t want my dick to be small again.”

“You can’t even walk, dumbass,” I said bluntly.

He just shrugged. “I know. So, since I can’t walk around, what’s to stop me from growing it even bigger?” He licked his lips hungrily. Clearly the idea was turning him on because I could feel his fat cock starting to stir.

“Can’t do anything about that. Sorry,” I said. “Kinda stuck here.”

“It’s fine. There’s plenty for everyone at the quarry. I’ll be growing again in no time. Maybe I will get muscles like Michael and be able to finally lift this thing again. It’s so heavy. I’m almost surprised the truck can even lift it.” He chuckled to himself.

A thought occurred to me… it wouldn’t stop us but maybe it would at least slow us down. Maybe give the others more time… okay. Yeah, sure. Now where was my cock? I could feel it between my legs and trailing down past my feet, coiled on the cold truck bed floor. Good. It wasn’t trapped beneath him.

Now all I had to do was get turned on. Wasn’t that hard to do. I started to think about the twins, Sam and dean and all their impressive equipment. I imagined them at the quarry, all taking a dip in the sea of cum that waited there. The pleasure that came over them as their already sizable dicks stretched and grew.

I could feel my cock coming to life. It jerked and twitched as my length began to stiffen and lift into the air.

As I continued to imagine, my thoughts suddenly turned towards Ben. I didn’t even mean to. It just sort of happened. I thought about his huge, fat cock that rested atop me. His scrawny little body that clung to it. His devious little grin. His soft lips.

“What is that?” Ben asked with a hint of glee. His question brought me back to reality and I realized that my cock was fully erect and pressing against the other side of his dick. “Are you getting turned on?” He asked giddily.

“I guess I am,” I answered. “Must be your giant dick on top of me.”

“Well, your cock is now pressing against me,” Ben said. “Too bad it isn’t long enough to reach around my fatty.”

He was right. Even though my dick was longer than my legs, it didn’t go far enough for Ben to reach it. If I could just get it a bit longer… But I couldn’t grow myself. My cock was on the other side of his huge member and I was staring at a wall of flesh.

“I wish it was longer,” I said, placing my palms on his hot member. “I wouldn’t mind having you suck me off again. You know, one last time before you grow to godlike proportions.”

Ben moaned and I could feel changes beneath my hands. His cock was tensing.

“Your mouth feels so good on my cock,” I continued. “I just want to feed you. Feed you like I did at the house. Remember how your cock couldn’t even fit through the door? Or in the car? Fuck… what else can you outgrow?”

Ben was going berserk. I seemed to be saying all the right things. It had to be coming soon.

“What was your friend’s name? Tristan, I think. Could you imagine how jealous he’d be if he saw you now? We could even let him in on the whole thing. Grow his cock too. Imagine how he’d beg to suck your dick. Your best friend begging you to let him blow you.”

Ben cried out as the first volley shot from his cock. It was such a strong spurt that it arched over the truck bed door and onto the road. C’mon, I just needed at least one. The second shot erupted, this one partially hitting the door and running down the side before pooling at the bottom. Yes!

I reached over but it was too far away. Unfortunately I was closer to the truck’s front than the door and Ben’s big cock on top of me didn’t give me very much wiggle room. I need him to cum more to make the puddle big enough to reach. I rubbed the side of his dick as if to massage the cum out of it.

He came again with a low moan. And again and again. The puddle was increasing with each one. Finally, I was able to dip my fingertips into the pooling spunk. I brought my wet fingers to my mouth and sucked the cum off before dipping them again.

It wasn’t until about the fifth time I did this that I started to feel it. My groin buzzed as my cock began to grow. I could feel it stretch further up Ben’s shaft. I just needed to get long enough to curve around the damn thing to get it to his face. I continued to suck Ben’s cum off my fingers. I didn’t even realize that at this point the pool of cum now reached my elbow. I also didn’t realize how turned on I was until I came myself, spraying the side of Ben’s dick. Ben giggled at my eruption and came again himself.

I had no idea how close I was to growing my dick to where I needed it to be. I couldn’t see it so I just kept eating the cum. I now was able to take handfuls to my mouth. Cum dripped between my fingers and plopped onto my chest and stomach.

Finally, Ben squealed and I felt his pillowy lips take my cock in. I did it. I… I… oh fuck, here I go again. I came hard. I was cumming so aggressively that it felt like my cock vibrated. Ben chugged it, not wasting a drop. I don’t know how he managed it, but all that cum pouring out of me went inside of him. Nothing spurted from his lips, not a choke or gag. It all just flowed right down his throat.

As my cumming ceased, he came up for air before barreling back down on it. Just in time too because another wave was coming.

I could feel the weight on top of me increase as I continued to feed Ben. Just as I planned, his cock was growing. The bulk shifted as his member slowly inflated. I placed my hands on the hot wall of flesh again, feeling it stretch beneath my fingers.

“Such a big boy,” I purred. He sucked even harder on my cockhead. Somehow, as aggressive as he was to coax the next cum shot out, it felt so soft and gentle. I came again and he slurped it up like a vacuum. “Such a hungry boy,” I panted.

From my vantage point it was difficult for me to gage how much Ben was growing. All I knew for sure was that his cock was getting bigger on top of me. It wasn’t until my dick popped out of Ben’s mouth that I had an idea of how much: my cock was no longer long enough to reach fully around his fat, growing member.

Ben whined as he leaned forward, his lips and tongue flailing to reach my cock again. Once and a while the tip of his tongue would connect with the tip of my dick, just for a second.

The bed of the truck was clearly weighted down, but we still sped along without issue. I needed more. I sighed and scooped up more of Ben’s pooled cum. “Don’t worry, buddy. More is coming.”


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Part 101

How big was my cock now? How much bigger did it have to get to reach Ben again? How much bigger did Ben have to get to cause us to slow down?

With some reluctance I dipped my hand back into the pool of cum beside me. I was too far down the rabbit hole at this point to turn back now. I brought my sticky, drippy fingers to my mouth and licked the cum from them. I then grabbed and handful of cum and poured it into my open mouth.

More? I probably needed more.

I licked my cum covered lips before I reached for another serving. While the thick cum moved down my throat, I felt the warm tingle that I was searching for. Soon, my cock began it’s growth again. I couldn’t see it on the other side of Ben’s huge monster dick, but there was no sign of Ben’s lips on my pulsing cockhead so I ate more.

“I can almost reach it!” Ben squealed as he strained his neck forward, sticking out his tongue.

Another mouthful of cum ran down throat. My cock stretched somewhere out of my sight, but I could feel it. I could feel my member growing. A moan escaped my wet lips and I closed my eyes as a particularly big growth spurt erupted beyond Ben’s own enormous appendage. With that final spurt, my swollen cock head met with Ben’s accepting mouth once again.

A shiver ran down the length of my cock to my spine and back again when Ben’s soft lips enveloped me once again. It was very quick that my dick exploded inside his hungry mouth, filling it with my cum. Ben sucked it down without hesitation. He continued to work my flared glans with his tongue trying to coax more.

“Fuck…” I groaned. “You really are… good… at this… Ooh…fuuuck!” I came again, even harder.

Ben’s big cock rumbled on top of me. It started to grow as well, getting fatter and heavier. I was happy to be back on track. That is until I realized what was happening. It actually was beginning to become a problem as the wall of warm flesh inched towards my face. How much bigger did he need to get to stop this damn truck?! As far as I could tell, it wasn’t working so far and if Ben grew too much bigger, his fat cock would grow right overtop me entirely. I would be smothered! What was I thinking, growing the very thing that was pinning me down?!

Ben continued to massage my cock head with his lips and tongue. It took everything within me to not give in to the pleasure I was feeling.

“Ben!” I called to him. “Wait, if you keep growing you will crush me!” But he paid little attention to my plea. I mean, I guess part of me couldn’t really blame him. I’ve been there before. A couple of times. Hell, I’m almost there right now.

I pushed up against the huge mass on top of me but it didn’t seem to matter. It didn’t budge. Ben released my cock from his mouth with a audible pop to let out a moan. His giant cock lurched and raised at least an inch above me for half a second before slamming back down. It knocked the wind right out of me. That was a big orgasm he just had. That much was clear as the truck bed filled with Ben’s cum. It splashed against my side and over my face. Great…which will happen first, smothered by his growing cock or drowned in his pooling cum? God, this was a bad idea.

To make matters worse, I was turned on by the whole scene and came again, only fueling Ben’s growth and my own demise. I felt my cock tingle as it once again stretched out further, making it even easier for Ben to get at it.

Why am I growing again? Did Ben’s cum get into my mouth? No. Fuck, Ben must have finally reached the next level and I’m just laying in his growth serum cum. Shit.

The weight pressing against me started to get worse as Ben’s cock began growing once again. “Fuck!” I protested as Ben’s cock started to press against my chin as it grew fatter.

Then I heard it. A metal creaking of some kind. It must be finally working! But it wasn’t what I thought. Ben’s growing cock was pressing against the truck bed door and the door was starting to lose the battle.

With a loud crack, the door was flung open and some of the pooled cum poured out the back onto the road as we continued driving.

“I outgrew the truck!” Ben cheered. “Oh, god! I want more!” And he went right back to sucking my cock.

Ben was super excited about busting through the truck’s back door. So much so that another big orgasm was coming. His giant cock lurched once again, somehow managing to lift up off me an inch or so. However, this time because I was covered in cum and slippery, in the moment I was freed from the behemoth I slid towards the open truck bed. I reached the edge of the open door when Ben’s dick slammed back down and pinned me again before spraying his load onto the road.

Ben was so enamored that he didn’t even realize that my cock was no longer reachable.

New plan: one more big orgasm from Ben and I am free to slip off the truck. It may hurt, but at least I will be able to get away. I started to think of a plan to excite Ben again into another explosion, but it before I could even come up with something, Ben’s cock lurched again. He must have really been excited about breaking through that door because his cock lifted once more, releasing me, and I slipped off the truck.


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Part 102

I landed hard onto the road, hurting my shoulder. I tumbled and rolled, finally stalling on my back looking up at the sky. I winced as I leaned and sat up, watching the truck’s backlights continue down the road getting further and further away. Good news was it didn’t seem as though my escape was noticed. Bad news was I was pretty scraped up from my tuck and roll. Nothing too terrible. Nothing broken.

I looked around. Now what? I didn’t have any way of warning the others about Michael with my phone being out of commission. I also couldn’t call my dad about whatever breakthrough they found. A potential cure? That was what was important. So that’s where I needed to go. I didn’t think my home was too far from here. I supposed I could walk there. What other choice did I have?

With some difficulty I stood up. That’s when I noticed my enormous cock. It literally was lying in the street and was as thick as my leg. I knew it had grown quite a bit. It had sure felt like Ben had managed to envelop my entire cock head in his mouth. Comfortably even, but I looked at what appeared to be almost the size of a grapefruit and was in disbelief. How is that even possible? It slightly turned me on and I had to quickly take my thoughts elsewhere.

I didn’t have time to waste. I didn’t even know what time it was now. I leaned over and picked up my member, slinging it over my arm. God it was heavy. Even still, my cock rested on the ground. Fuck. I gathered it up some more and slung it behind my neck, across my shoulders like a boa constrictor, and I started my long trek back home. My cock head bounced on my thigh as I walked down the road, but at least it wasn’t dragging behind me.

Good thing it’s still dark, I thought as I noticed I was not wearing any pants. I was naked too often now a days. Not to mention the huge appendage wrapped around me. One that was already weighing me down. I barely made at down the road and I was starting to already feel tired.

Damn, I need to start working out more. At this rate it would be morning by the time I made it home. I think the twins’ place was not too far away. Definitely closer. Perhaps I could stop there first. Maybe grab some pants at least.

I looked back down at my massive dong.

Or a blanket I guess.

I remembered vaguely where they hid the spare key. I was very certain I could get in and borrow what I needed. Their parents should still be gone and now that their brother was filling up the back of Michael’s pick up, there wouldn’t be anyone to worry about. Maybe I could even figure out a way to send them a message at the quarry. Though by that time it would most definitely be too late, but it wouldn’t stop me from trying.

It was decided. I would go to the twins’ place. As I changed course, I thought about the twins and the others at the quarry and hoped that things were going okay.

“It just hung up,” Tyler stated, looking at his phone’s screen. “My reception is okay but I could barely hear him.”

Skyler sighed and crossed his arms. “Try him again,” he said. “Josh and Ben should have made it here by now.”

Tyler dialed the phone again. This time it went straight to voicemail. “It didn’t even ring,” Tyler said, hanging up. “His phone must have died or something, or he doesn’t have service.”

“I’m worried,” Skyler huffed. “It doesn’t make sense.” He looked at the clock on his phone. “It’s getting late…or early depending on how you look at it. You don’t think Ben is causing trouble? He did call earlier saying they were behind, but that was a while ago.”

Tyler shrugged. “I hate to say it but I wouldn’t put it past him. Though you know our brother. He would be clamoring to get to this,” he said bluntly, motioning to the lake of growth inducing cum Not too far away from where they stood.

“You try calling Ben?”

“He didn’t answer either,” Tyler said.

Skyler tapped his foot nervously. “I don’t like it. What if they got found by the people leaving the game?” He looked over his shoulder back at Sam’s hulking figure standing next to Dean’s immense mound of dick and muscle. Sam had already dragged Dean from the back of the truck and was at the edge of the cum lake, waiting patiently. Dean was still getting over his massive growth spurt and was a bit overcome and groggy.

“They almost here?” Sam called over to them.

Tyler shrugged again. “We don’t know. Can’t seem to reach either of them,” he yelled back.

“Are we going to wait or what?” Sam asked.

“I did tell Josh we would wait,” Tyler said to Skyler.

“Yeah, and he told us he would be here,” Skyler stated. “Okay. Let’s just do this, get Dean mobile again and Sam less insanely ‘roided up looking. If they’re not here by the time we finish, we will go find them.”

Tyler nodded and they both walked to Sam and Dean. “We can’t wait for them. We need to just get this over with and get out of here.”

Sam agreed and moved to start dragging Dean into the cum reservoir but he stopped when he noticed headlights approaching them from afar. “Speak of the devil,” Sam said, pointing.

Tyler looked to see the same thing as well getting closer. He shook his head. “About time.”


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Part 103

By the time I got to the twins’ street, I was exhausted. Not only had I been walking and carrying my massive, heavy cock over my shoulders, but it was probably starting to be early in the morning and I hadn’t gotten any sleep all day. I made my way down the sidewalk and approached their house. It was a good thing it was still early enough that everyone was still asleep and I didn’t have to worry about their neighbors seeing my huge appendage.

As I neared the front door, I scanned the garden beds for the fake rock that had a spare key inside. After checking a couple of real stones, I finally located what I was looking for. Sure enough, the key was inside the little compartment in the bottom of the thing. I took the key in my hand and threw the plastic rock back. Without any difficulty, I unlocked the door and headed inside.

Okay, I thought to myself. First things first, I need to try to call them at the quarry. I found the house phone sitting on its receiver and picked it up. As I held it in my hand and stared at the numbers, I realized I didn’t know any of their phone numbers by heart. I watched the numbers, willing the right sequence to come to me. All the numbers did was stare back at me mockingly. With a sigh, I placed the phone back on its receiver. That was a bust.

Okay then. I need some pants or something that I can wear to cover this thing up. I made my way to the twins’ room and started going through their closet. I came across some somewhat loose fitting sweats and a poncho. The sweats couldn’t contain all of me but the poncho would do the trick. I slipped them both on. I guess it’s not terrible. At least to the casual viewer it doesn’t look like I’m lugging around my own enormous cock across my shoulders. Looks like I’m smuggling something, but your first thought wouldn’t be a giant dick. So that’s something.

All right. Next is heading to my house to talk to my dad.

I started towards the front door but stopped in the front living room. Goddamn my feet were killing me. I needed to sit for a second. I found myself collapsing onto the couch. I just needed to rest my feet for a moment. Now that I was off my feet, I could really tell how much they were throbbing from all that walking.

I kicked off my shoes and rubbed the arches of my aching feet. Fuck, I don’t have time for this. I leaned my head back onto the couch. I need to keep moving.

I woke with a jolt.

Sunlight was pouring through the window into the living room. It took me a second to realize where I was and what had happened. Shit. I fell asleep.

The doorbell rang again, and I realized that it was what had woken me up in the first place. I sat there on the couch not daring to move. Who the hell is ringing the doorbell? What the hell time Is it?

I started to panic. Was it Michael again? Did he find me? I then realized that there was nothing at this point that would tear Michael away from his prize at the quarry.

Shit! The quarry! How much time has passed since I fell asleep? What happened over there? Is everyone okay?

The chime rang once again. Whoever was at the door was persistent. Maybe a salesperson? Girl Scouts? Whoever it was, if I stayed silent, eventually they would just go away.

There came a tap at the window and my head whipped around to see a young boy staring through the glass with cupped hands. Fuck me, it was Ben’s little next door friend what’s-his-name. Seeing me look at him, he gave me a wave.

With a roll of my eyes, I got up and opened the front door. “Yes?” I asked him, trying not to sound too annoyed.

“Where’s Ben?” he asked, sounding perhaps a little whiny. I dunno. Maybe it was just me.

“I don’t know,” I lied. “Not here.”

“Well, why are you here by yourself?” he asked. “Your Skyler and Tyler’s friend from the other night.”

“I promised I would water the plants while their parents are gone,” I stated, surprised with how quickly I came up with that. Go me.

“Why you sleeping in the living room then?” he asked. “And what the fuck is under that poncho?”

Damn. “After watering all the plants I was tired.” Okay, a bit more pathetic. “Anyways, he’s not here and I actually need to get going myself, so go on home.”

“Whatever.” He frowned and turned to leave when I had a thought occur to me.

“Wait, kid,” I said.

“I’m 18!” he shot back. Shrimpy for an 18 year old, just like Ben. Maybe even more so. Two peas in a pod.

“What’s your name again?” I asked.

“It’s Tristan.”

“That’s right. Tristan. You wouldn’t happen to have Tyler or Skyler’s phone number, would you? You gotta at least have Ben’s.”

Tristan folded his scrawny arms. “I’ve been texting and trying to call Ben for like two days and he hasn’t been answering. That’s why I came to see if he was here.”

“What about his brothers?”

“No. I don’t hang out with them,” he said. “Don’t you have their number? They’re your friends after all.”

“Lost my phone,” I said. Basically true. “Thanks anyway.”

“Whatever,” Tristan huffed and walked away.

Once Tristan was officially gone, I left their house. Of course I locked up and returned the key because I’m not a dick, though probably half my body weight was one at this point. I went to walk towards my house when I had another idea and instead made my way towards their backyard.

As luck would have it, there it was. A bike. It’s great how these nice areas trust everyone. I hopped on and with some difficulty balancing my concealed snake of a cock, I peddled off towards my place.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 104

I rode up to my house and bailed the bike on the grass. Riding that bike totally cut the time to get there at least in half. At least one idea had worked out today.

I walked up to the front door and turned the knob. It was locked. It was kinda weird because my dad never locked the front door. At least not when he was home. I felt my pockets for my house key, forgetting that I was wearing borrowed pants. We didn’t have a little secret key holding plastic rock either. With a sigh, I knocked on my own door.

After a moment I heard the deadbolt sliding and the door opened revealing Mr. Ryan standing there.

“Joshua!” he said, almost surprised. “We were wondering why we hadn’t heard back from you.”

“Yeah. I kinda lost my phone.” I looked Mr Ryan up and down. He stood there in the doorway wearing one of my dad’s robes. The silky looking one. It was loosely tied and I could see his firm pecs, his pec cleavage disappearing where the robe finally wrapped around. Judging by the bulge protruding from the bottom of his robe, his cock wasn’t any bigger or smaller than last I was here, which was pretty sizable.

“Looks like you have… had some fun,” he said, referencing what he knew to be hidden beneath my poncho. Weird thing to say, at least from him. Perhaps he noticed me checking him out.

I cleared my throat and moved past it, though I could feel my cheeks turning red and getting hot. “The door was locked,” I said, changing the subject.

“Yeah. Thought it might be a good idea given the circumstances.” He stepped aside and ushered me in. Sure seemed to have made himself feel at home. Once again, it felt weird.

“Where’s my dad?” I asked as he shut the door behind me.

“He’s in the dining room. That’s where we set up.”

“Josh! Is that you?” My dad called from the other room.

“Yeah, sorry I wasn’t able to call back. My phone got messed up so I had to come in person,” I called back to him. I walked through the living room and rounded the corner towards the dining room. “I’m excited to hear what you guys discov—”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Probably seeing my face, my dad apologized. “I know you don’t want to see your dad’s penis. You’re going to have to excuse me. There’s not much I can do about it at this point.” His face had turned beet red too.

Before me laid my father’s massive cock. It filled the entirety of the dining room. My dad sat on the floor with his legs splayed out to make enough room for his enormous dick between them. His thick member reached up to my waist and stretched out before him perhaps 12 feet before curving slightly up the wall across from him. He sat there with an big, rounded, bloated belly, likely packed with cum.

Mr. Ryan walked past me and gave my dad’s shaft a light pat. “Isn’t he glorious?” He asked. “I make sure to keep him nice and fed. I like my man big.”

“Okay. Okay. That’s enough in front of my son,” my dad said sounding a bit embarrassed.

I was taken aback. What the fuck? My dad whom I hid my own big cock from, who didn’t believe me when I first told him, was sitting there with big giant, throbbing member bigger than his own body just out in the open. Finally I managed to look at Mr. Ryan and say, “looks like you guys were the ones who had the fun.”

Mr. Ryan grinned. “Yeah, I’d say we have had our share.” Suddenly, a loud gurgle sound came from my dad’s overstuffed gut. My dad’s face turned red once more. “Aw, is my baby hungry again?” Mr. Ryan cooed.

“I said stop it,” my dad answered but more playfully than I wanted to hear.

I stood there slack jawed. I felt sick. Sick that I was witnessing this, but more so that my own cock was stirring beneath my poncho.