Fiction "Click Bait" by Dream Big


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Sexual Orientation
Part 1

Bored. Six months of lockdown, tired of Netflix, suffering from Zoom fatigue. Half a bottle of whiskey. Unwise drunk-ordering off Amazon and probably Wish.

That was the likely sequence that resulted in what he had before him.

A plain brown box sent from an address overseas, it had probably been delivered a few days ago, before the rain, but he hadn’t been out the front door in almost a week.


It looked like…like maybe …nah.

“Please tell me I didn’t drunkenly order a flesh-light and butt plug.” He shook his head.

Shit, the packaging looked like standard knock-off fare, cheap and flimsy, but the device inside looked, as near as he could tell, like a pretty well-built device, well packed. Probably one of those things where the factory made twice as many adult toys to spec as they’d been commissioned to and decided to sell the rest themselves through shady sites. Still, though he had no recollection of ordering this, Andy figured he should at least check it out for the amusement factor.

It was either a flesh light or a fancy cock pump, he figured. There was a butt plug and a USB dongle-plug thing that looked like one of those Logitech universal Bluetooth things. It was clearly a set—some kind of high tech masturbation toy set—but it looked pretty space age, all dark space gray satin finish Apple-quality finish on it. Separately, there was a new computer mouse.

And separately, but efficiently, a half liter bottle of what seemed to be lube, and some other gel. Both had writing in some Asian language and some crude drawings of men making an O-face.

Okay, he definitely didn’t remember ordering this. He’d have to check his credit card later.

Meanwhile, the rain had destroyed the packing slip taped to the outside, and there was nothing in the—wait…

Congratulations on purchase of super happy fun time divise for hungry male for sex time. Enjoy self pleasing times with a full set. Please use as obvious, control is by computer. When put on, plug in. Computer will show proper technique for use. Control from laptopp or deck top. Being safe use recommend. Lubratory is best. For best seal also use special gel included. Website refill. Secure pay. Follow direction for best effect and superior sexing pleasure of self.

He chuckled at the terrible English, but realized that he was actually bored and horny, and that was a combo that rarely hit.

Fuck it, he might as well see how it worked, right? He had an old laptop that was probably perfect for this sort of nonsense.

He booted the old PC and unwrapped his new toys. He’d never used a flesh light before and was kind of curious anyway—same with the other toy, which was an oddly shaped (but obvious) butt plug. Each had a pull tab that presumably allowed the battery to make contact and power the device.

Andy squinted at the direction sheet, and concluded that he should use the lube, but also the gel, to ensure both lubrication and a proper seal for the flesh light.

While the aged laptop groaned and clicked its way to wakefulness, Andy broke the seal and poured some lube into his hand—and began to stroke himself. It tingled slightly, but man, it was damned near frictionless. He quickly found his fuckstick eagerly blossoming to its normal 6.5-inch length, curving just a tiny bit up and to the left.

“I guess I’m supposed to put this on before I put the USB thingie in?” Well, he was hard enough, so in he went. He prodded through the lube-slick anus-shaped opening, noting that the plastic chamber was pretty large.

Ohh that felt pretty nice, actually. He bet it would feel even better once he turned it on.

A cheery BONG!! alerted him to the old laptop’s status, and now that Windows was fully open, it was time to plug in the dongle.

The second the system allowed him to do anything, he verified that anti-virus was in play, and then, after a moment’s thought, stuck the dongle in the side of the laptop.


He did so.


Sure enough, the flesh light blinked a few times, then the other device.


Andy eyed the butt plug—he’d never tried one before—but what the hell, right? A heathy squirt of lube, a gentle probe with his finger, and he was in.

Whoa, that really wasn’t bad at all. His butt, all things considered, seemed more willing to give this a try than his brain was. He withdrew the two fingers he’d managed, and with a firm and rather pleasurable push, the butt plug was in.


And intense set of sensations followed, cascading in waves that concentrated on his dick and ass, both of them pulsing just slightly out of sync, which made things a bit uncomfortable….but eventually the pulses were timed just right. Huh, that was actually kind of nice and relaxing…


Huh? Oh that other gel.

Unsure of the precise requirements, Andy squirted some of the gel onto his hand and, as requested, began to apply it near where the cock sleeve met his dick. A pleasant, warm, tingling sensation began.


“Well, I’m not going anywhere,” Andy thought…


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Sexual Orientation
Part 2

Unbeknownst to the hapless Andy, the gel he had received was not the one intended to accompany the product he was trying out.

I mean, you can’t blame him entirely—he only spoke and read English, and the bottle’s label only seemed to use English in a decorative rather than a meaningful way. Everything else was crazy moon language, for all he knew.

And the tingling was both pleasurable and a little distracting.

So, he had no way of knowing that this gel was an organic sealant.

But he wouldn’t realize that for quite some time.

“Click to activate,” he said aloud, repeating the instructions. The mouse Pointer icon was over a box marked BEGIN.

Fuck it. He clicked.

Instantly, w wave of suction tugged at his cock. And simultaneously, a low vibration began in his ass.

INTENSITY: 1. The screen flashed a few times…

Oh yeah, that was niiice. But there was an enticing, friendly orange button to the right, with a white plus sign in it.


A new entry appeared:


PULSE: long


Oh man, that was good.

the device over his cock had begun a low vibration, and while the suction never let up, a gentle undulation seemed to travel up his shaft with delicious lack of hurry. His dick seemed to stretch just a little fuller and further, he was that turned on.

However, his ass was treated with similar care, as the probe’s buzz stepped up its vibrations.


Fuck, he had clicked before he fully realized he was about to do it.

He smiled…and then let out a little moan as he felt the probe in his ass throb, as though it was reaching deeper and getting a little wider. The sensation was new to him, but he wasn’t complaining. It felt gooood.

But even that couldn’t keep his focus, as the cock sleeve ratcheted up to the next level as well, throbbing around him like a heartbeat, matching the throb in his ass. The low level vibration continued, and so did the suction—his dick felt like it was being stretched, and then the stretch being massaged. He whimpered and exhaled with a shudder—he could feel himself getting close.


Whoa! A new sensation launched immediately leaving him gasping. In his ass, the probe abruptly flared out—he could feel the now much-larger tip within his guts, and the edge of it brushed something deep in his ass… he shuddered and made a strange noise in his throat.

And then, it began to really go to work, teasing his dick and edging him, only to distract him with a well-placed buzz in his ass. Had he time to think properly, he would have noticed that the pulses continued to be in sync, tapping out a rhythm not too dissimilar to his own heartbeat.

The sensation edged him for a good ten minutes before he noticed the time had passed.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 3

Andy glanced at the screen, noting the display had changed.

PULSE: synched (122bpm)

He tried to focus, to make sense of the words, to map them to the stimulation he was experiencing. It was harder than it should have been, but he managed to make sense of a few things. The intensity was a general setting, the pulse had started at some predetermined rate but was now synched to his heartbeat. The other number represented the levels of intensity for each sub-setting and….

oh god

…and the…the numbers. The settings…the settings were adding on new values as new features kicked in. Each level seemed to add something new to the mix.


Wheww…edging a bit there, and now he was nearly at the breaking point. The damned thing was absolutely edging him, backing off on the stimulation on his dick as he neared the point of no return. Fuck, he needed to get his nut out! Maybe if….


“shiiiiiiiiit,” he said, wheezing. What the hell was happening in there ?? He felt like something was gripping the base of his dick!

A glance at the screen:

PULSE: synched (128bpm)

Until that point, Andy had been seated on a deckchair, but the sudden shock of the constricting ring around his cock base and the matching expansion of the probe in his ass made him flex his hips suddenly and he nearly fell off the chair. Instead, he landed on his knees, gasping.

“Fucks sake, that’s a ONE?” he wondered aloud. His dick was gripped in a vice, and the suction had unbelievably ramped up. Somehow he didn’t feel raw, though—the inner lining remained almost organic in feel, and there was no sensations of chafing even though it felt like every nerve ending on his penis was being triggered. Somehow it stayed a pleasurable sensation rather than a painful one, but he was increasingly desperate to find release.

Leaning forward, he tugged at the base of the flesh light device, looking for some break in the line of gel that he’d coated the seal with, but it looked for all the world like some sort of flexible, semi-transparent latex. He squirmed as he tentatively tugged; it wasn’t going anywhere very fast, between that and the constant suction and buzzing.

Meanwhile, inside his ass, the probe’s ridges (had it had those before?) brushed past the sensitive skin just inside the ring, as though the problem was sliding in slowly. He reached around with a shaky hand, but the exterior felt the same; where would it be coming from? Fuck, it felt like someone was shoving a thick, fleshy drain snake up his bum.

And it felt good.

Shit, he had never really thought much about how his ass wanted to be treated, but it seemed to be this—and once he turned his attention to that, it ceased being background noise and began to tug at his perception. Maybe it was the vibrations, tricking his anal nerve endings into thinking the probe was moving…sure. But something was now brushing, no, caressing, his prostate. It was almost a feather-touch, which was doubly odd given the ribbed sensations in his asshole and the pleasantly full feeling in his chute. He was sure that a good jolt would likely have him spewing a bucket of cum.

Thinking was getting harder as his sensory input continued to narrow to the twin stimuli of his cock and his ass.

He needed to shut this off, or turn it up. One or the other.

Andy reached for the mouse with a trembling hand as he saw his BPM continue to increase. He was up to 144 now, and climbing. Why was he shaking? Probably because all his blood was racing to his ass and cock, that’s why. Because his nervous system was fucking BUSY.

Maybe there was a safety cut-off? Maybe—


NO! his hand slipped and the click registered as intentional!


He was practically convulsing now, and it was really hard to do much of anything. His fingers began twitching of their own volition, so he focused as best he could to nudge the mouse so the pointer was over DECLINE. He wasn’t ready to—-



“O FUCK” Andy shuddered as the clicks registered—he’d clicked Accept, and then whatever popup confirmation had appeared after that was apparently satisfied by the second unintentional click.

His eyes widened as—between almost unbearable pulses of stimuli—he saw the panel flash on screen:



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Sexual Orientation
Part 4

Damn that cheap mouse!

Fuck…..something new was happening.

First, the constriction at the base of his cock seemed to intensify, and then a second, equally constricting, ring formed just above it …..and then slowly pulled its way down the shaft toward the tip. As it did, an odd stretching sensation came with it, and Andy was dumbfounded to realize it felt like he’d just gained an inch or two of fresh cockflesh.

It almost burned, and the intensity of his need to cum, the sensations coming from his over-stimulated dick, ramped up yet again.

Not to be left behind, whatever was in his ass seemed to…to split somehow, with one part gently surrounding and feather-touching his prostate with marginally more pressure, while the other continued to explore his innermost reaches. And unbelievably, the girth currently stretching his anal ring with ribbed enthusiasm and mild electrical current seemed to surge a bit wider.

His vision swam as his pleasure centers succumbed to the relentless assault. How long had he been at it? How the fuck would he stay sane if it continued? Christ, his balls were swollen and practically racing up the length of his sack. He couldn’t possibly stand much more of this. He had to.. had to…

Dammit, he knocked the stupid mouse off the desk! He heard it bang off to the side, and for one terrifying microsecond, he saw it slide vertically down and lodge itself between the wall and the desk-side.


A repetitive BLOOPing sound blared from his computer speaker—a staccato death sentence, in his ears. The mouse was stuck with the button down.

And through some quirk of the poorly designed UI or a bad choice in mouse mapping, it was registering each click, then auto-clicking the confirmation screen that popped up when the first click was registered.

Frantically, as his panic levels rose (Jesus, he was was 170 bpm!), he flailed with increasingly undexterous hands at the trapped mouse, finally yanking it out by the plug.

But the damage was done, or in the process of it…


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Sexual Orientation
Part 5

Andy collapsed, still panting like a dog, as the twin sensations on his cock and in his ass competed for his attention. He could barely keep up with reacting to what was actively happening to him—something amazing, sure, but apparently unstoppable—and that left approximately zero attention span to catch up to what was happening on screen, or what was likely going to happen, or indeed how he could put the brakes on any of it.

The nonstop buzzing, stroking and teasing of his hole and the probing of his prostate were almost tolerable by now—or at least he’d resigned himself to being unfathomably buttfucked and was getting used to the sensations.

But his dick was another matter.

His cock throbbed and swelled almost endlessly, each heartbeat causing the sensitive organ to feel ever closer to bursting. If he could see it, he expected it would be blood-red and bloated, if only from the nonstop and increasing suction he’d been subject to for some indeterminate period of time. But the sensation of stretching was more and more intense, and the disturbing sensation of new skin forming and then being overstimulated had happened so often by now that he wasn’t sure it had ever actually stopped.

He felt dizzy, and spots swam in his vision. He knew he was making some sort of involuntary moan, and his limbs felt tingly and numb. The world tilted crazily and his ears rang, some sort of tinnitus mixing with the echoing and distorted bloops from the computer.

He managed to focus for a moment, and were he capable of proper thought, he would have been alarmed.

PULSE: synched/arrythmic (184 bpm) ^

The dimmest alarm registered at the new entries on the screen before he got too dizzy to focus.

Every time he thought he was about to catch a break, the queued clicks on screen would process again, and some setting would adjust and leave him gasping again. He’d lost all sense of time twenty clicks ago.

When he came to some time later, the screen was still flashing, but it was awaiting a confirmation click.


Somehow, the entire process was on hold, waiting for his click. And as consciousness fought its way back to him, Andy dimly became aware that the nonstop actions seemed to have, finally, stopped. Or at least paused.

Now was his chance. While the blasted thing was waiting, he’d remove both devices.

He struggled upright, his limbs weak and shuddering. How long had he been at it? No idea. First things first.

Cocksleeve or buttplug?

Buttplug meant he could sit more comfortably without driving it further up his ass, and that would give him leverage to try to remove the cocksleeve. Fine. Let’s do that.

But a tug at the base quickly proved futile—he felt skin pull painfully. What the hell? Okay, fine, cock sleeve.

It looked positively obscene, almost 18 inches long and as wide as a wine bottle. Had it looked that big when he got it? His average 6-inch erection had seemed to fill it just fine but then again, everything was fuzzy and borderline nonsense right now. As he bent over to look more closely, it looked like the striated plastic shell was made of sections, like flexible tubing. But the thing was still hard and ramrod straight. Maybe it was compact when not in use? And had it had the pouch for his balls then? That seemed a bit larger than it should , but maybe it was just protection…

Then he noticed with some alarm that the gel he’d applied at the start of this appeared to have hardened. He vaguely recalled thinking it felt odd, when it was a gel; now it was almost like latex. Flexible, but firmly attached. A tentative tug or twist accomplished nothing but tormenting his sensitive, but still hidden, dick.

What was that gel? He reached over to see if there were removal instructions.

Fuck, it didn’t look like there were English ones, at least. But at least he could use his mobile phone to search for how to remove this stuff. He was pretty adept at googling, and now that the relentless assault on his senses had diminished, he was thinking more clearly.

He unlocked his phone and blinked in shock—he’d lost almost five hours.

Think later, focus on fixing problems first, Andy thought to himself.

Ten minutes later, he’d finally found something promising—and it looked like rubbing alcohol would do the trick. Moving carefully—his dick threatened to burst with every lurching crawl or step he took—he dizzily made his way to the cabinet and grabbed the rubbing alcohol and a handful of paper towels.

He applied some to the base of his cock, and sure enough, the material began to dissolve and stretch away. When it reached a turning point, he grabbed the cock sleeve with both hands, closed his eyes against the expected pain, and pulled.

The sensation of brisk air against new flesh shocked him, but not as much as what came next. He dropped down to his butt again, and that even-deeper poke somewhere inside him just added to the weirdness.

The semi-hard cock that he pulled out of the sleeve was inhumanly large, causing a sense of rising panic.

It looked like a goddamned forearm.

Fuck, Andy thought. That had to take up most of that huge sleeve—

But a quick glance showed the device was collapsing in on itself, finally stopping at the roughly 8 inches it had been when he had first attached it.

The cool air in his apartment gently tickled what felt like a square meter of new flesh. As he thought, it was raw and red, but the terrifying thing was that it had to be 14 inches long, and 4 inches wide, and it was still semi-soft.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 6

Jesus! He was a freak!

What the hell had this thing done to him? A foot of dick was one thing, but now he realized his balls were equally huge, having gone from robins’ eggs to jumbo hen’s eggs, if not tangerines or satsumas. They too were throbbing with echoed pain—or maybe from overuse, or overgrowth.

And what the hell had it done to his ass? Shit, his ass….

He rolled over awkwardly, not quite sure what to do with the massive dong now hanging half-stiff off his crotch. Andy spread the rubbing alcohol around the odd latex-like seal, and felt it dissolve. Or rather, he felt air hit his skin as the stretchy stuff disappeared. Finally, he tried to twist slightly to pull the thing out, but—-


Fuck, he felt that somewhere way deeper than he expected. His dick started to wake up.

Man, he had to get that thing out of him, if it did that to his dick god knew what was going on up his ass!

Wriggling around to get a better angle, he finally found a likely position and pulled—only to have his ass instinctively tighten around the base of the thing below the stupid knob. Stars swam in front of his eyes again. Damn.

Finally, he found a better angle, even though it shoved his still-inflating dick up near his neckline as he contorted.

His neckline? Whew—no, that was because of the weird angle. Still, damn that was a huge dick.

“Come on, you bastard, get out of me!” He grunted and pulled, willing his ass to release, and with a wet plop, it did, and the knot popped free. Cool air danced around his pucker for the first time in hours, and it felt nice and soothing.

Except the thing was still partly—- or, as he began to suspect—mostly inside him.

Willing himself to be calmer, he tugged a little more at the plug base, and more of it slid out.

And more. Oh man, he dared not pull too hard or fast, because this thing was still doing a number on his insides. Specifically, the ribbed extension was brushing against his sensitive inner hole. He had to go slow and careful, breathing very deliberately.

Contorted as he was, he could actually see it emerge, and there was probably a good four inches of additional length beyond the knot. And more was still coming out.

Each quarter-inch ribbed bit strummed against his tight hold, plucking it like a musical instrument. That was enough to really turn his motor. And from this angle, it was unmistakably having an effect on his junk.

Blood soared into his tired, abused, massive cock, forcing it to swell—not much in girth (though with an over 4-inch width, he was roughly a foot around!), but his already overinflated length began to build and the head swelled ever larger.

Soon fourteen inches of cock became 15, then 15.5. Little gasps emerged unbidden from his throat as the striated bits of the butt-plug kept coming out, plucking his asshole as the went.

Then, resistance.

Dreading what he suspected was something lodged deeper than he’d ever be able to remove, he tugged firmly, and felt something deep in his bowels free itself.

He looked down—nearly a foot of flexible, ribbed plastic/latex/silicone stuff was hanging from his ass, and that last tug seemed to dislodge another few inches of it.

But inside his ass, he could feel an oddly shaped intruder moving—it was the bit that had, before now, been busy caressing and stimulating his prostate. Something came loose and it brushed his prostate, hard, and suddenly—-


His massive dick surged forward at least another inch, probably just over 17 inches now, and a spurt of pre come squirted from the tip, landing on his ear as he reflexively twisted away.

Now, Andy was sprawled on his floor, his mammoth dick drooling pre like a faucet. And his feet were planted on either side of a normal sized buttplug that seemed to have two feet of extended ribbed tubing attaching it to his innermost bits. With all his will and remaining energy, he pulled it finally free, and lay gasping.

But that last bit of stimulation, that last sliiiiide of the nub against his prostate, had been the last bit needed to push him over the edge.


A torrent of cum squirted out of him, his massive dong flinging around like an uncontrolled firehose and shooting thick ropes of cum everywhere. Quite a lot was on his own body, but he probably doused the ceiling and got some on his monitor—by the 8th exquisitely forceful squirt, he lost track.

His hole gaped like he had been gang banged by a pose of demented porn stars, and he could feel cool air inside his ass, as it gradually attempted to tighten the sphincter again.

God he was tired. Every single thing had been wrung out of him, every bit of sexual energy and stamina had been squeezed out of his exhausted body by the relentless devices he’d finally removed.

Andy woke again, over an hour later, and struggled to sit up. His ass was still raw and his dick was still at least a foot long, lying heavily between his legs. At least he seemed to be sated for now. Andy reached up and tapped the keyboard’s ESC button purely by feel.

Bleary-eyed, he gathered his wits enough to look back at the screen where the blinking confirmation window still demanded answers. Maddeningly, he still had no clue what he’d been asked, thanks to the barrage of clicks that had left him there. Confirm what?


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Sexual Orientation
Part 7

Andy sat staring at the screen for way longer than he intended to, trying to figure out what the hell to do.

It was pure luck that he’d managed to run out of queued clicks from his bargain-basement mouse mishap at a confirmation screen, but what was he confirming? As his mental focus gradually returned, he realized there were really only a few options, and all of them distilled down to whether his click would confirm doing a good thing—like stopping or exiting—or a bad thing.

He crawled up onto his bed, realizing that in his dimly remembered thrashing on the carpet, he’d managed to give himself some nicely rug-burnt kneecaps. And he looked down on a carpet that held sticky residue from the lube, as well as some drippy bits from the melted sealant.

What to do? There was no instruction manual, and the confirmation screen prevented him switching apps anyway. He could look up stuff with his phone, but he still wasn’t sure that he had the info he’d need to search, since he had no clue what screen he’d been on.

He weighed his options.

He could turn off the computer. In theory, that would reset the application, removing the danger. He would definitely spring for a better mouse.

He could trash the devices—but he had no clue how much he’d paid for them, and the whole package, despite being a bit shady, seemed like it was state of the art and thus not particularly cheap. And of course, his passwords and the website to access his account required…his computer.

Wait, he could simply not put the devices anywhere near him—he had that old metal file cabinet, and that would probably kill any Bluetooth pairing.

Right. That was a plan. Put the devices in the file cabinet, reboot the machine, and hope for the best. Then order new mouse ASAP. Right.

Just as soon as he stood up.

He managed to sit upright again, and was confronted with the eerie reality of a dick that was not the one he’d started the prior day with. He’d been a slightly above average 6.25 to 6.5 inches long, and average girth before; he was more than double that in all dimensions now. Fuck, that was amazing now that he thought about it, but it still left many unanswered questions. Would it ever return to normal? Had he caused himself any injury? Shit, he was in virgin territory with what had to be one of the largest dicks in the world. He’d read that article just a few weeks back about how verifiable 12-inch dicks were really, really rare (like, statistically speaking, there should be maybe 1-2 in all of recorded human history), but then again. And here he was with what seemed like a record-breaking dong. He resolved to measure it as soon as he could get to the toolbox.

But as astounding as that was, and frankly exciting, he was worried about the impending logistics, should his remarkable dick size stay with him.

And that all paled to the pure confusion and concern a bout what may have been modified by the thing stuck up his ass. He’d seen at least two feet of tubing and a weird probe come out of his hole, and that’s on top of the relatively large butt-plug he’d had up there. It had to have worked its way far into his innards. And it had definitely been busy with his prostate, something he’d only had passing familiarity with prior to this experience.

Still, other than being exhausted and mildly concerned, he realized he felt…okay. Like mostly okay, just a little worn out. So he stood up.

Yeah, a little off balance, but he felt confident enough to try walking again after he righted the ship, so to speak. He grabbed the sex toys and dumped them into the dish tub in the kitchen sink, threw some detergent in, and ran hot water. There was barely any outward sign that the butt plug had been used, and that would be quickly rinsed off; only a few drops of cum were visible in the flesh light. There were no seams and he presumed they’d be waterproof for cleaning purposes. Better safe, and clean, than sorry.

While they soaked in soapy water, he downed a bottle of gatorade, and hoped it would restore his electrolytes. Then he rummaged about in the junk drawer and found a small 6-foot tape measure.

To his shock, his flaccid penis hung just shy of 11 inches.

“Guess I’m a shower, now,” he said.

Or am I? he thought. Seemed bigger when it was hard.

Well, there was a quick remedy for that, and a few strokes were enough to send the blood to his growing trouser-snake. The more he thought about it, the more sexy it became. As he watched, standing stupidly in the kitchen next to a tray of soapy water and sex toys, his dick stiffened and thickened until it was unmistakably 15.1 inches.

He was a statistic improbability.

A freak.

At least it wasn’t as big as it had seemed last night, right?

Shit, all the blood rushing to fill his oversized dick may have left him a little low blood pressure. Because now he had dizziness going on.

Eat and drink, get some stuff back in your system. You’re almost certainly dehydrated, he thought to himself. Then he made a quick sandwich and ate it, feeling much better, and finally scrubbed the devices out reasonably well. He found it odd that the flesh light in particular bore no signs of use, because he was pretty sure he’d dumped a pint of spooge into it. Finally drying them off, he tossed the towel into the hamper as he passed and rinsed everything one last time.

And the whole time, his dick didn’t go down.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 8

Somehow Andy managed to go to bed and fell asleep, putting aside his concerns for the evening. He’d left the devices draining on a towel next to the sink; he’d put them in the file cabinet in the morning, and then deal with his frozen PC.

He woke, for the first time since he was a freshman in college, with an all-consuming case of morning wood. As he sleepily reached for his dick, his hand brushed through a sizable wet spot.

He sat up with a start, initially concerned he’d wet the bed—but no, it was just….a really gross and sticky blob of half-dried semen. He pulled down his sheets to see the culprit, and the previous night’s odd happenings reimprinted themselves in his memory.

I mean, how could they not? He was sporting a boner the size of his forearm, and it bounced slightly in the cool air once uncovered.

As his mind ran through every dire warning for male enhancement pills he’d ever seen (contact a doctor if you have an erection for more than four hours), he was almost detached as his hand reached for the pillar of cockflesh between his legs.

It was real.

It was friggin’ huge. He’d measured it at a little over 15 inches the prior night—considerably upgraded from the 6.5 he was accustomed to—and thus it easily accommodated both of his normal-sized hands.

“Well, I can’t do much with my day until I deal with this,” he said to nobody in particular.

Half an hour later, his hands were getting tired and he felt no closer to cumming.

When it dawned on him—hey don’t be mean, he hadn’t had any coffee yet—that he could probably suck himself off, he wasted no time in making the attempt.

He’d always had a bit of a talent for sucking cock, though he was a little out of practice. Who better?

It was remarkably easy to reach the tip, and to lick it, but the enormous head proved too great a challenge for his average-sized mouth.

That wasn’t going to stop him from coaxing a little pre-cum from his own monstrous pecker and slurping at it. Mmm. such a unique flavor…he used his tongue to feel around the huge helmet-head and the sensitive area below the slit, and his dick was jumping for joy——but he still couldn’t release.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 9

“Fuck!” Andy shouted.

The self-suck had made him even randier, and yet—despite several folks who’d happily testify he was rather good at giving head—he found no relief there. He’d probed the tip with his tongue and danced around the sensitive underside of the helmet, but despite being SUPER turned on, and feeling his balls gurgle with freshly made cum, he simply couldn’t get release.

He found himself stalking into the kitchen and had the devices in his hand when he remembered his plan. Put them in the metal file cabinet, and then reboot his machine. So in they went.

He was in the hallway when he remembered he could probably look up some tech support on his phone without touching his PC. But that was a short-lived celebration; he simply couldn’t get the site to load on his mobile phone. Instead, he got a message noting that the mobile version of the app would be available soon. Some help THAT was.

He considered his options again. Andy wasn’t a tech nerd, but he wasn’t stupid either. With the devices no longer on him, and inside a big metal box two rooms away, he figured he was safe enough. Worse came to worse, he could reboot. Yeah. That felt safe.

So he tapped the keyboard and woke up the machine, and there on screen was the confirmation window. Still asking:



If it was warning him, then canceling felt right. He didn’t want to push it.


Wait, what? Backup?

He glanced at the shipping box, but it was empty. Maybe it was some cloud thing?


He sat nervously for a moment.


“No thanks,” Andy said, But the popup window refused to go away.

“Fuck it,” he said and rebooted.

God, it was taking forever, and the damned computer still hadn’t booted back up, and his dick was still at epic levels of boner, and his ass was starting to feel…hungry?

Or maybe he was just hungry in general. Toast. Toast and eggs sounded good. Might even keep his mind off his turgid member and his empty butthole.

Two thick pieces of rye bread went into the toaster, and he quickly scrambled three eggs in a mug and dumped them into the pan with some butter. Normally, his technique was better, but he was hungry now. He spread the butter on his toast and had to fight his instinct to grab a handful of butter to stroke his dick.

Frankly, it was in the way. And his ass still tingled deep within.

He polished off the eggs and toast with a big glass of OJ, feeling his electrolytes could use a boost.

A ding from the PC let him know the reboot was done, and …yeah, it looked like it was successful. Good.

He sat—feeling the emptiness still—and opened the control application. Yup, opened up just fine, but an alert warned him he had a pending device update and an admin message. Andy wasn’t keen to apply the updates, so he looked at the other message.

NOTE: Mobile version for phone now available. Learn more…

No thanks, he thought. Let’s see if we can’t find the settings menu—ah!

Andy found the menu and deselected the sleeve and probe. That should keep him out of trouble.

Damn, the buzzing in his ass was becoming more distracting. Maybe porn?

Thirty minutes of nonstop wanking (and a quick rummage for his own old lube rather than the stuff that came with his new toys), and Andy was getting desperate. He cursed himself for not having many other toys. He just couldn’t get there, either with his finger up his ass or his hand on his cock…instead, he felt like he’d been edging for hours.

Which, in fact, he had. And his cock was every bit as huge as it had gotten yesterday—15.6 inches. It felt thicker, though. Meanwhile, around back, he’d only managed to loosen his anal ring a bit, but couldn’t get the right angle (or find the right shape) to reach his prostate.

He was really starting to lose his shit, and finally he found himself opening the metal cabinet and grabbing the bluetooth devices he’d had so much fun with last night. A tiny part of him was extremely worried and mentally shouting at him not to do it….

Too late, the louder voice said. Andy simply couldn’t fight his own raging libido any longer. And the minute he touched the probe, he felt a brief shock, a faint buzz from deep inside. He grabbed the lube (not even noticing that he grabbed the new lube rather than his old stuff) and squirted a dollop on the toy.

He couldn’t get it in his ass fast enough.

Instantly, the itch in his ass felt soothed, and he turned his attention to the large cock sleeve. Again, a mild zap as he touched it; he added a dollop of lube, and he began to shove his cock into it. As he suspected, as he entered it, it seemed to enlarge itself to accommodate him.

Andy couldn’t believe how incredible it felt, and he closed his eyes in pleasure for a brief moment. How on earth did it feel that good? It wasn’t doing anything, it was just on him. Same with the probe.

He opened his eyes and glanced at the screen. He had his bluetooth switched off, just in case.


What backup device? Andy couldn’t figure it out, and he—-

“Oh shit,” Andy said. As before, the two devices seemed to get into a rhythm, with the squelching, sucking feeling on his cock being matched by the internal probe reaching new depths. Andy’s eyes rolled back as he leaned back and surrendered himself to the pleasure.

And unseen by him, the screen continued to update…


He moaned softly, his eyes tearing up as the sleeve and probe shifted modes. The inside of the sleeve began to adapt, matching the sensors in the probe. And the probe began to adapt to the dimensions of the cock in the sleeve. Not yet used to his own more massive fucktool, Andy hadn’t yet connected those dots.

Fuck, that probe is getting HUGE, Andy thought. And the sleeve is getting tighter….

A particularly sharp brush against his prostate caused his ass to instinctively clench, and when he did, of course, the sleeve responded with a very calibrated constriction of its own. He felt his cock lurch and finally—-FINALLY—he shot half a dozen powerful volleys of ball-juice into the large sleeve.

He lay panting and spent, barely able to form coherent thoughts. With effort, he sat up and—using only keyboard controls because he didn’t trust the mouse—tabbed into the control panel.



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Part 10

It’s fair to say Andy was no longer in his right mind.

After so many hours of effectively edging, more than a day of perpetual horniness, and the mind blowing sex the devices had provided, he was pretty much disconnected from his ability to think ahead, or to accurately weigh consequences.

Which is why his hand was already grabbing for the latex-like sealant that he had tested last night, and applying it—rather thickly and haphazardly—at the edges of his toys. He remembered the odd sensation as it quickly formed a stretchy, but complete, seal.

Whatever. It was on. Now he could click the confirmation button….


“Oh shiiiiit” he hissed through clenched teeth.

A distinctive pics-and-needles sensation played over his groin and within his chute, followed by the suction and stretching sensation on his dick, pulling on his dick like it was made of rubber bands.

He could tell it was growing again. He clenched his teeth against he stimulation, but also against the mild body horror he was feeling. He was already beyond huge. Another inch or two and he’d be monstrous. And somewhere between knowing it was happening, feeling it happen, and fearing it would or would not stop happening, he realized it was one of the most erotic feelings he had ever had.

He was certain he had gained at least another inch and some girth on his penis, when the screen updated…


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Sexual Orientation
Part 11


The probe in his ass throbbed larger as well—growing, he realized, to match his own girth and length. It was stroking with the rhythm of his own member. And as his dick grew in the hi-tech cocksleeve, so the probe’s dimensions increased. As his hips flexed and he thrust mindlessly into the sleeve, so the probe rammed him mercilessly in the shape of his own penis.

God it was just too fucking good. He’d never been exclusively a top or bottom, finding pleasure in both depending on the partner. But it had been soooo long since he’d had a partner at all, even before the pandemic, and so long since he’d either given or received a really great fucking. The pleasure was simply overwhelming.

Other messages popped up on the screen, and he barely saw them as he swatted blindly at the keyboard between moans.

His vision swam again and he realized he was out of control. At this rate he might not be able to stop—much of his nonstop thrusting and flexing was almost involuntary by now. Each thrust that brushed his inner pleasure zone caused him to flex, and that flexing drove his dick forward, and that was mimicked by the probe….rinse and repeat. Flexing his ass a bit merely added pleasant friction to the cocksleeve, which his dick enjoyed.

It felt like hours had passed, and he found himself drifting in and out of consciousness. Everything seemed surreal and far off when he tried to think; what was left of Andy’s mind was entirely preoccupied with the nonstop sensation of fucking and being fucked endlessly.

He was dimly aware that his webcam had been turned on at some point, and that he’d either confirmed or denied multiple popups, but by now his brain was entirely focused on managing the pleasure, and even coming up with the brain power to think about anything else was really hard. But he was so exhausted by this point that his body simply couldn’t keep up with the demands and lay there twitching.

He blindly reached down to his crotch; sure enough, the latex-like substance was not only there, it had seamlessly meshed with his skin and his fancy high-tech cocksleeve. From what he could feel, his ass had been similarly treated. He didn’t have the strength to grab the alcohol again to free himself.

He should have been hungry, or at least thirsty. Instead, all he felt was the insatiable need to fuck more and be fucked. H realized that he must have been filmed in the throes of his lewd revels, or possibly offered up as a cam-whore. Even that aroused him, but his flesh was, for now, simply too tired to comply.

It was hours, or maybe days, later when the first knock at the door awoke him. It was short—just three precise knocks—then the door opened. Hadn’t he locked it? Did it matter?

He saw a humanoid shape come in, and behind it came a large wheeled box. Too exhausted to move, he watched as the person bringing it opened it and began pulling forth various items. Something seemed off; was this a drone? A robot? It didn’t seem entirely human but he really couldn’t think well enough to figure it out.

First, the drone pulled out another toy, this one shaped vaguely like a ball-gag. But once it was attached, the drone removed a hose from the large box and connected it to a port on the ball. Then, the drone coated his mouth with he same latex-is substance that had secured his other toys.

Next, the drone swabbed his crotch with an alcohol wipe, and pulled the device off Andy’s cock….slowly.

Andy suppressed a giggle as his utterly inhuman mega-dick was revealed. It had to be 20 inches long and eight inches thick, with huge network of thick veins crawling up its length to the inflated fireman helmet of his head.

Fuck, he thought. Did I really have that much of me up my own ass?

His dick got a few moments in the open air, while the drone attended to his rear, attaching another hose there. Almost immediately after that, he felt something similar to a milkshake or smoothie enter his throat, and he felt a similar sensation of something being removed from his ass. The shake was almost flavorless but it wasn’t awful, and he suspected it might be nourishing. In fact, it was exceptionally nutritious, but it was also full of other things. And the suction on his ass seemed likely to clear out his innards, flushing him with a warm enema and suctioning the inside of his hole.

Then, the drone pulled out two more cameras, and positioned them at better angles. That. meant three cameras poised to watch him become even more debased, even more a slave to his body’s endless demands for sex.

That was either really hot, or terrifying. He’d lost all control now, but somewhere in his mind he was at least hidden for all this—but that clearly wasn’t the case.

As he swallowed the endless river of shake, he realized that he could almost think coherently. How dehydrated and starved was he?

And then the drone removed a three-foot-long, paper-towel-roll-thick device and fitted it over his monstrous, throbbing, inhuman cock. Andy’s ass twitched reflexively as the drone spread the latex stuff over his dick root, securing him again. Then, gently, the drone secured Andy’s wrists together behind his back, repeated with his ankles, and lifted him up into the bed. Three camera lights told him he was “on” and he shrunk back instinctively, as best he could trussed up in this way.

Without another word, the drone tapped at Andy’s keyboard and then exited.

Andy kept drinking the thick fluid; something about it was restoring his energy level. Not like he had any choice. He wriggle around as best he could, hoping to see the screen at least before it went dark again.


The enormous new tube around his inhuman fuck-pole buzzed to life again, and his ridiculous, ever-engorged gigantic dick settled back in for another session of rampant fucking and growth—matched by the anal probe as before. As before, the build would be slow and then eventually unstoppable. Once more, the perfect environment for his dick felt like his mouth and throat, or like his own ass, now hungrily twitching around the as-yet compact intruder.

But now, the thing in his mouth seemed to join in on the fun, slowly extending down into his throat and filling his esophagus as it lengthened and thickened to match his own grossly inflated junk. It seemed impossible, but whatever they’d fed him seemed to have removed any gag reflex—not that there was anything he could do about it anyway. Finally, his anal probe grew to match his new dimensions, and kept going. It felt like his dick was getting bigger still!

He wanted to panic, but for some reason could not. But Andy could concentrate on the odd pleasures of having his throat stretched by something that felt alive and as huge as his own 22-inch monster did. The remnants of his vocal chords left only the ability to moan. His lips, his tongue, all otherwise occupied. They weren’t needed now for anything else.

The machine would sustain him as he put on an endless show for the cam crowd.

Andy’s eyes fluttered back in his skull. The weren’t needed either. His hands, his feet, all went numb, superfluous. His world dwindled to three pleasure points, all of them in unstoppable, total synch. Every so often, he’d unleash a torrential blast of cum that seemed implausibly large—but then, his balls never stopped buzzing, and had, when last seen, been larger than softballs. God only knew how big they’d gotten by now.

Andy was effectively reduced to a thrashing, moaning, thrusting, self-contained fucktoy. A lewd perpetual motion machine of sorts.

It occurred to him (shortly before he lost any remaining ability to think about consequences) that his nipples were being left out, but honestly if anyone brushed his tender nubs, he’d probably die.


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Part 12

Another moan from the guy next door startled Jason awake.

For the third time in three days, at about 2 AM.

“Fuck it, I’m awake now,” he thought, and rolled out of bed to have a piss. The whole thing was getting tiresome. The pandemic, two months of shaky job situation followed by a “temporary” layoff last. month.

He’d found himself stuck at home waiting things out, with nothing better to do than play video games, watch TV, and obsess over his neighbors. Well, that and online porn. And drinking. He’d done a lot of that, too. And ordering crap he didn’t need online. And crawling the dark recesses of the web looking for new ways to get off.

About two weeks ago, he’d ordered this high tech device from a link he found on a really weird message board, but it had never shown up. He’d grown tired of his fleshlight and he’d really been looking forward to trying it out. Yesterday, he’d contacted the support site and they said it had been delivered and signed for, but of course that wasn’t him, and it wasn’t his signature. Given how much the thing had cost, he was pretty surprised that they’d agreed and offered to send a replacement.

In the interim, he’d relieved his boredom by watching the hallway through his doorbell camera, and being nosy about all the deliveries his neighbors got.

Jason lived in Apartment 16, which was a corner unit. His doorbell cam had a nice view of 13, 14, and 15; he shared a wall with 15. He didn’t really know any of them, but was slowly starting to see this end of the hallway as a soap opera—the couple in 14 argued a lot, the guy in 13 had moved to Florida a week before the lockdown—but Apt 14 was a rather decent looking guy about his age. They’d met once when they both happened to order Chinese food from the same place at the same time, and had become reasonably friendly. Andy was a quiet guy, but seemed responsible and friendly—to the point that they’d exchanged emergency keys to look after plants last year. Mostly, they’d said hello in passing, and had occasionally texted since the pandemic started.

But though it had been almost 6 days since he’d seen Andy, he’d certainly heard him… moaning through the wall.

A day later, and he opened his door for a delivery—and noticed that several packages were stacked outside Andy’s door, along with a few “missed delivery” notices. That was worrisome, as Andy usually answered the door. Looked like some of it was food. After making sure his mask was on, he knocked on the door a few times with increased urgency, finally calling his neighbor’s name. Still nothing.

Worried now, he grabbed the spare key, knocked once more really loudly, and then used the key.

“Hey Andy, buddy, you okay?”

The first thing that he noticed was the smell—a powerful mix of man-stink, more than a bit of old jizz, and trash that needed emptying a week ago.

The second thing he noticed was a low humming noise, followed by a muffled gasp and low moan.

The source, of course, was Andy.

Very little of Andy’s body was visible at this point. Most prominent was a wardrobe-sized device with a half-dozen thick cables sticking out of it, all of them attached to Andy, directly or otherwise.

Andy’s entire jaw was covered in a high tech looking mechanical …thing of some kind, attached to a tube that fed into the large box. But the size of the thing in his jaw was enormous, to the point where it looked like Andy’s jaw was disconnected. Two significantly smaller devices were affixed to the helpless man’s nipples, each with a tube attached.

If that hadn’t. looked shocking enough, the 3-foot tube—probably some sort of high tech cock pump thing—attached to his groin was enough to make Jason’s own jaw drop. The massive device barely wobbled as Andy repeatedly flexed his hips in a wanton rhythm, pistoning repeatedly (possibly involuntarily, he realized) until he writhed in agony/ecstasy, and rolled over to face away from the stunned Jason. And there, on his ass—or rather in it—was what appeared to be a massive metallic buttplug. And liberally coating all of it, Jason realized, was some sort of flesh-colored latex. In fact, Jason realized he couldn’t quite tell where the latex and skin differentiated.

Andy was about two feet beyond reach of his desk where a desktop screen demanded another confirmation. A cheap mouse dangled over the edge of the desk. Empty booze bottles were plentiful enough, along with some dubious pizza.

Jesus, he’d walked into some sort of pornographic nightmare!

Nah, he reasoned. No, this was someone getting into some weird bondage shit without a plan for getting out. Still, Andy was a friend and neighbor, and this would make a good story for later. right?

Huh, looked like Andy never managed to click the exit button, That had to be the first step in—

Hey wait, that was his device! That explained the high tech stuff. Wow, it was even more impressive—and pretty dangerous looking—in person. But first things first. He had to get Andy out of it. And it looked like the software control was the next step.

TOTAL TIME: 94 hrs 22 minutes 15 seconds

“Oh man, Andy…” he said as the blue lights faded, “What did you do?”


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Part 13

His friend Andy was a wreck. He looked like he was massively strung out on drugs—eyes unfocused, body twitching completely involuntarily for a few moments after, until the boy passed out entirely.

“Shit, I better take these things off,” Jason thought. It seemed urgent to remove him from further stimulation. Once they were detached, he’d try to see if Andy was responsive; if not, he’d have to call the emergency line.

Fortunately, he spotted the alcohol and rag, and quickly got the hint. Whatever that odd sealant was, a few swipes with the rubbing alcohol and it began to retract and dissolve. Handy.

He started with the device on Andy’s face, and once the bulk of the latex stuff was gone, he began to tug at the mouthpiece… and pull it out, slowly. Nearly three feet of tubing began to slide carefully, wetly, out of Andy’s mouth. The shaft of the mouth insert was thicker than a beer bottle, and it just kept going. Jason could see Andy’s neck contract visibly as the piping left his throat. Unbelievable. Finally, the flared tip pulled into Andy’s mouth, and got stuck.

Irritated, and largely on reflex, Jason tugged, causing the device to brush against Andy’s teeth—which resulted in an obvious and gasping orgasm from the still unconscious neighbor. A line of drool escaped the sleeping man’s open mouth; his lips looked a bit swollen, too. Or possibly just overstretched. Jason looked in wonder at the semi-metallic insert, unmistakably shaped like a massive cock or dildo.

Jesus, that thing had to be over 30 inches long. Probably 32, 33, Jason thought.

Jason took a deep breath. Anything after this was likely going to be… invasive at best. Dick or ass?

Ass won, because he was still wrestling with the idea of touching his neighbor’s bait and tackle. Again, with the alcohol, and then gently removing the buttplug.

Fuck there was a lot of this thing too—every bit as long and distinctively shaped as the prior bit of pipe. Remarkably, the shape was the same and so was the length, but the device itself was surprisingly clean. Slightly more distressing, the movement deep within seemed to brush against Andy’s prostate (he guessed), leaving the poor man flailing in too much pressure as he bucked. Finally, it was out. Andy moaned seductively in his sleep.

Morbid curiosity drove him to glance at the ass he’d just pulled a three-foot tube from, and sure enough, the gaping pink and red hole looked well-used. But there was no blood, and no leakage.

By this point, Jason realized he, too was aroused. The helpless man before him seemed to stir something within—though Jason considered himself mostly straight, he did have the odd homo fantasy, and hot helpless hunks apparently needed to be on that list, as soon as possible.

Later. Now, he had a rescue to complete. Once the latex was mostly gone, he turned his attention to the device, which was at least 35 inches long and still buzzing faintly. Finally, he got a firm grip and began to tug the thing off.

The first inkling something might be seriously off was the thickness and hardness of the cock that started to emerge. But just as Jason adjusted to the reality of this super-thick whopper, it thickened as Andy’s still-unconscious form thrusted weakly a few more times. Jason kept tugging, and tugging… and tugging.

The shaft was seriously thick, thicker than a beer bottle, he figured, and as he pulled (and as unconscious Andy shivered and moaned wantonly), more and more cock was revealed.

Every bit of 28 inches of mind-blowing cock just kept pouring out of that hole, the device collapsing once the beastly cock inside vacated itself. And as the cock-tube collapsed, so did its twins in the other devices. There was no doubting once Andy’s hugely oversized penis was visible, it was clear that theater two devices had duplicated Andy’s enhanced bait-and-tackle.

So he’d been spit-roasting himself with duplicates of his own giant dick.

Of course he knew that, having been the one who ordered this unusual setup in the first place.


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Part 14

Jason couldn’t wrap his brain around what had happened to his neighbor.

Unbeknownst to his hapless neighbor, Jason was a special investigator. His specialty was the deep black market tech marketplace, and he’d been tracking down a number of leads for months—some of them for nearly three years—until finally he had found an unusual set of connections.

Like everyone else, he had been working from home during the seemingly endless quarantine, and like everyone else, he ordered a ton of stuff online rather than go out; unlike everyone else, a lot of what he ordered would end up labeled and documented in an evidence locker someplace in DC.

Three separate tech heists over the last eight years had seemingly nothing in common. A genius MIT advanced engineering and robotics graduate never showed for his doctoral dissertation and apparently disappeared, along with the contents of his laboratory, all of it based around flexible control systems and expandable robotic helpers. A van full of stem cell tissue experiments disappeared during a routine transfer. And finally, an entire warehouse full of experimental drugs had gone up in smoke, but by chance a nearby security camera spotted an unmarked truck about 20 minutes prior to an explosion that started a fire. Jason’s team had been the ones who spotted minor clues in the details that suggested collaboration, but they’d had a tough time finding proof until Jason stumbled across this link for POFTACORP PLEASURE PRODUCTS, which promised an unheard of state-of-the-art extreme sexual experience.

Jason was the one who’d worked out that the name was Romanian in origin and that most of the terrible marketing copy had been run through google translate a few times. That was enough to get the paperwork rolling, and soon he found himself ordering the stuff. How many folks get to order $10k worth of crazy sex toys for work?

If he could link this stuff to the stolen tech, well, that would be well worth it—those crimes were worth millions. At worst, they figured they’d be able to shut down some dangerous black market sex trade.

But if he was honest, the idea of any of that stuff being real—the absurd promises of unparalleled pleasure, mind-melting orgasms, and lasting enhancement effects—was a turn on. Jason was all about intellect in his everyday life—so his fantasies often involved being dumbed down, or mind-controlled. Transformed into a mindless creature driven only by pleasure. Free of the endless mental efforts and emotional rollercoasters and unwanted insights of his own life, and ruled by his body. Even as he placed the order, he considered whether he might be tempted to test the products before handing them off to the lab.

He shuddered… but he also found himself springing wood.

Sigh. Poor Andy, a victim of damaged paperwork thanks to the passing hurricane. And then a victim of experimental tech.

Fuck, he was kinda cute normally but… shit, that oversized mutant cock of his was amazing to see.

No, he should be calling an ambulance, shouldn’t he? Or phoning this in to HQ?

First aid. That’s what was needed. Andy had a little light returning to his glazed eyes, even as his body still twitched a little, as if leftover commands were being processed from a queue. But freed of the wicked devices, he was calming down.

Jason would wait, he thought, until he had a better sense of how his poor neighbor was doing. Aside from the obvious huge club in his pants, Andy seemed physically intact—though his ravaged ass and mouth might tell a different story, much less his freakish cock… which still throbbed with slowly fading need.

The products had been real. But Andy, unaware, had somehow used them….wrongly. And wound up with a two-foot-long dick and came fairly close to being sealed forever into a self-pleasure cycle. Jason needed to find out whether Andy’s mind was okay. Because if he had to call an ambulance, then there would be repercussions that included possibly blowing Jason’s cover.

A soft moan, almost a whine, escaped Andy’s stretched lips and he groggily started to blink….


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Part 15

Jason tensed up, then forced himself to relax. The door had shut behind him, and he’d disabled the webcams. The bad guys didn’t know he was here.

94 hours connected. God, what could that have done to him? Aside from the improbably massive dick, ruined ass and mouth, and likely dehydration, that is. Every muscle on Andy’s body was somehow slightly more pronounced, though he was by no means bulky—he just looked pumped, and ripped. And helpless.

Andy moaned and blinked as though coming out of a deep trance. Jason hadn’t untied him fully, yet, just removed the probes and cock device. For a moment, Jason wasn’t sure he should even be here, but there was a danger to Andy if he was still under; he might subject himself to more from the fiendish devices, and it might actually kill him. Or worse, leave him a vegetable. No, he should stay and see if he could assess Andy’s condition.

“Muhhh,” Andy wheezed. He blinked stupidly, eyes slightly out of sync, and cast his gaze around trying to focus. Finally he spotted Jason, and with an obvious effort of will, he somehow seemed to recognize him. “J-j-jaaaason?”

Fuck, his neighbor couldn’t look any sexier, any more helpless, than he did looking up at him with those confused doe-eyes, while trussed after a thorough fucking. So wanton and needy… No! Focus!

“Hey, Andy. You okay, buddy?”

“Wha…what are doing. You. I mean…” he was slurring and clearly struggling.

“I found you like this, man.”

“Wha??? Oh shiiiii—-” he said, finally seeming to come to his senses.


“Shit! Oh my god I’m so embarrassed….”

“Hey, it’s cool. I got those …things… out of you. But…”

“Oh fuck what the hell?”


“Shit, my cock… is that real?”

“Looks like it.” The cock in question was still half-hard, and probably all of 20 inches long. When Andy instinctively moved to cover his shame, he realized he couldn’t move his arms either.

“Fuck… this is so messed up… did you tie me up?”

“No, I found you like this after you didn’t answer your door and I heard moaning.”

“D’you think you can untie me? And maybe toss me a blanket or something?”

“Uh, sure, hang on.”

A few minutes later, Jason had freed Andy from the remaining restraints, and wrapped the distraught young man up in a robe. He was eating a pop tart and drinking a bit glass of orange juice, hopefully to even out his blood sugar a bit. Andy had inhaled the first one and the first glass of juice, but after 90 hours, that was to be expected.

“So do you want me to call someone, or—”

“No! God, this is so embarrassing—but no, please.”

“What happened to you?”

“I must have drunk-ordered some kind of high-end sex machine, and I was bored and stupid, and tried it.” Andy tenderly touched his massive schlong. “I don’t even… I can’t believe this.”


“I’m so sorry to have involved you, man. But…You probably saved my life. I mean, fuck, you’ve seen it all now.”

“Understatement there.”

“Tell me about it. Ugh.” He sighed. “I guess I’ll tell you what I can remember, but things got hazy after a certain point.

Twenty minutes later, Jason was up to speed—and he’d left nothing out. It was like he couldn’t stop himself talking about it, and somehow he trusted Jason. But Andy had unconsciously begun to stroke his massive meat under the robe at least twice before he caught himself and apologized.

“I mean I knew it was doing something to me, but I couldn’t help myself. And now I have the biggest cock known to man. I’m a freak!” he wailed.

“Whoa dude, calm down if you can,” Jason replied. “Let’s take it one thing at a time. You felt compelled to use the devices, and then woke up to the additional stuff. Someone had to have come and put them on you.”


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Part 16

“All I can remember is a vague sense that something was delivered. The webcams, the big box,” he said, wearily. “Oh! And a different cocksleeve! And the mouthpiece!”

“Wait, so they weren’t part of the original kit? Do you have the original packing stuff?”

A quick rummage around—made more difficult by the foot and a half of oversized phallus getting in Andy’s way as he moved around the place—and Andy guessed that it was carted away by whoever had dropped off the new stuff.

Meanwhile, Jason was examining the other large box. It was roughly the size of a dorm fridge or kegerator; two hoses attached to the top, with valves, and a standard electrical plug secured it to the wall. Jason took the precaution of unplugging it, just in case.

“What is that thing?” Andy asked. “I’m pretty sure it was feeding me something and… well, extracting something.”

“Yeah,” Jason said.

“Can we look inside? I’m kind of afraid to know what sick shit they were doing to me…fuck, I should probably go to a hospital!”

“Calm down. Yeah, let’s look first,” Jason said. He took several photos with his mobile, just in case, and then found what he guessed was a release for the door. Sure enough, the doorplate opened, and inside was some seriously advanced looking machinery, as well as two stacked containers separated by some space-age-gadget. Something was pumped from the bottom tank and something filled the top tank, based on the hoses attached. He sniffed the output hose and it smelled like a vanilla milkshake; he wasn’t about to sniff the other, but it lacked any trace of fecal matter one might expect, given where the hose was attached.

“Holy fuck, that was filling me up and sucking me out and that’s sooo gross….” Andy seemed on the verge of panic, and he stagged back to the bed and collapsed into it. He looked down at his chest, at his distended, swollen nipples. “Fuck, were they on my nipples too?”

“Those came off easily,” Jason said, offhandedly. “The other ones were a bit more complicated.” His attention was focused on the device. If he guessed correctly, it had flushed a fair amount of nutrients into Andy, and extracted waste, which was likely processed or at least the fluid extracted…. it would likely have needed a refill eventually, but was probably meant to keep the attached person alive, at least, while being sexually overwhelmed. He’d need to get some samples of whatever they were feeding Andy, because there had to be something in it capable of growing his dick that way….

“I can’t believe you rescued me,” Andy said. “I’m never ordering anything online again….shit!

“Shit what,” Jason said, still photographing the device.

“I’m getting hard again,” Andy said. “And it kind of hurts. Making me dizzy.”

“Huh,” Jason said, swimming the phone around to record it. For evidence….

Up and up, the stiffening mega-cock rose, plumping up and lengthening in truly awesome slow motion. Andy’s face looked white and he leaned back on his elbows as his cock drew blood from the rest of him in a dire bid to inflate further.

“Oh god help me,” Andy said weakly. Jason was tempted—but he needed this evidence.

“What’s going on, tell me what you’re feeling.”

“What does it fucking look like? My giant dick is boning up!” Andy said sharply, between hoarse breaths. Finally it reached full mast, and Andy looked drugged again—probably because the blood had left his brain for exciting new places. He moaned, and reached for it with his left hand, only to collapse to his back without both arms holding him up. Thicker than a warehouse club jar of peanut butter, and about 32 inches in length, including a head the size of a kid’s fireman’s helmet, the gargantuan appendage far outstripped any human penis on record, and to do so, it seemed to sap the life out of poor Andy, who could barely lift his arms to stroke it.

“Fuck, my balls hurt,” Andy moaned, and sure enough, they were similarly oversized, each already the size of a shot-put ball and continuing to swell even larger. His abused nut sack was covered in stretch marks and it was struggling to keep up. Andy’s arms flailed and then he seemed on the verge of passing out just as the orbs grew visibly larger in four throbbing pulses.

“Stop filming this and help me,” the poor boy gasped. “I’m gonna pass out if I can’t get rid of this….”

Fuck, he was right. Sticking the phone on the desk at an angle he hoped could capture what was going to happen, Jason scanned the room and found a plastic waste bin and a bottle of regular old name brand lube.

“I’m only doing this to help you,” Jason said, for the record, looking at his phone. But he was also enormously turned on. The scent of the mega-dong was intoxicating up close, intensely male and musky, but also clean and sexy. “You okay with this?”

“Yes please, please, just help me get this fucker to blow so I don’t pass out!”

Jason nodded, squirted a large dollop of the lube onto both hands, and began to stroke.

Jesus, it almost immediately throbbed and plumped a little further. Andy gasped and wiggled. Jason grimly returned to his task, applying firm pressure with both hands as he stroked and poor Andy made hot little noises, helpless to do anything but react. Finally, he saw the enormous balls pull up tight and the colossal dick rear up—and he could actually see the enormous cum-shot, as if in slow motion, travel the length of the shaft and blast out of the angry red head. He barely got the trashcan into the path, and collected what he could (and dodged at least some of the blast himself). Ten, twelve, fifteen, sixteen shots, each of them a torrential blast of jizz, were captured in the plastic wastebasket, and there was probably at least a cup and a half of thick man-juice in there, even before Jason milked out the last few drops. Andy passed out at some point during the process and didn’t see his dick begin to droop again.

“Poor kid,” Jason said, absentmindedly licking the cum off his hand. “No wonder he’s exhausted….”

Fuck, what had he just done? He looked at his cum-covered hand left hand, and at his less-cum-covered right one, and realized he’d just licked some other guy’s cum off his own hand. It was almost surprisingly sweet, almost like a vanilla shake…

Jesus, that was a lot of cum. No wonder, with that stuff having been pumped through poor Andy for over 90 hours… god, he’d been at it for over 3 days!

Jason could see the effects first hand; even soft, nearly a foot and a half of fat cock lay there, waiting to spring back to life. Andy’s enormous balls had been nearly baseball-sized but had drained off a bit, though they still gave jumbo eggs cause to be envious. He was tempted to measure the sheer amount of jizz that had made it into the trash can, but for a truly accurate reading, he’d need get all of it—not only was there stuff already in the trashcan (mostly tissues floating bloated and sad in the goo), but probably a quarter of the boy batter had splattered elsewhere.

Jason took another moment to make sure the risk was minimized—none of the computer parts of bizarre mechanisms were plugged in.

He’d have to wash up, and he really wanted to let the boy sleep. He found the linen closet and grabbed some towels, and left them on Andy’s bed. Then he rummaged in the kitchen drawers and found a gallon bag for each of the sex toys. It would be safer to keep them with him, rather than leave them alone with Andy. Andy’d probably sleep for a while, but just in case, Jason locked the door behind him, grabbing Andy’s keys from the hook in the entryway.

Luckily he hadn’t had far to go, because the mirror in his own bathroom left him shocked—he was covered in crusty goo, and the slightly vanilla milkshake smell was growing stronger as it soaked into his t-shirt. He tossed the toys onto his table, and headed for the shower.


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Sexual Orientation
Part 17

Unbeknownst to Jason, things were already in motion.

While he'd been smart to pop the devices into zip bags, he hadn't been as smart as Andy about stowing them inside something capable of disrupting a signal. Worse, he had ingestied some of the nutrient shake that had been keeping Andy alive for days. And thus, he'd made two critical mistakes before you even factor in other environmental matters.

See, Andy was just a run of the mill guy with a PC.

Jason's work required beefier computers, and so did his gaming hobby. And while his work laptop was tightly protected and locked down securely, his home machine was not -- worse, he'd temporarily disabled some of his usual protocols for a troubleshooting task. He was still well defended from routine attacks but not so much from an attack vvector tuned to piggyback a stanard bluetooth signal.

It was childs play for the advanced capture tech to grab his keyboard's signal and worm into his laptop -- almost no trouble at all, after that, to trick the system into letting it connect. And soon,enough, that PC was in on the game as well. First, it restored from a backup in Andy's system. Implanted deep within Andy was a temporarily disabled node that interfaced with the toys and the maintenance unit.

Then, the program began to dismantle the laptop's security, soon breaking the encryption and acquiring Jason's password keeper's contents.

This was accomplished by the time Jason had fully disrobed, and he never noticed it. soon all the household systems, webcams, etc. were captured, and it began to hack into the work PC as well.

Meanwhile, in the shower, Jason found himself distracted by recurring waking thoughts about what he'd seen, what had happened to Andy. Sabotage was his first thought. Probably some virtual enemy's idea of a fitting punishment.

But man, that massive dick really wouldn't go away. His memory consumed him, replaying for all the senses.

He felt his own arousal begin to play through his systems -- temporary and relentless in equal measure, driving his blood and energy into one location.

His own, slightly above average, pecker began to harden....

.....and kept getting harder, painfully so. In fact, it almost looked like he ws harder and longer than usual..


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Sexual Orientation
Part 18

Jason stroked himself quickly to full erection in the shower. In fact, it barely took three strokes to bring him to the edge.

Man, I am on the edge right now, he thought. Fuck, that cock was so huge and his...his cum tasted so good. Jason had rarely enjoyed the taste of jizz, but that’s because it didn’t taste like that.

The shower gel and shampoo would have to wait. He began attacking his own cock desperately, not really registering that he was using both hands — it was already girthier and a bit longer, but he chalked up the increased sensation to his level of arousal. He hadn’t used the toys, after all.

it was only a blissful minute or two before he was pounding his cock through his hands and moaning, and then firing off shot after shot of thick cum — and without thinking, he brought his hand up and eagerly lapped up the stuff on his left hand, before the shower could rinse it. It still tasted vaguely of Andy’s vanilla shake. Or perhaps everything would taste like that until he brushed his teeth.

it’s remarkable how much our brains allow us to rationalize away rather than face reality. In Jason’s case, he had gone from a solid 7.5 inches to nearly 9. That was a pretty big jump, to say nothing of the wider girth (which had added a half inch to his thickness) or larger and heavier balls he now possessed. His brain convinced him he was just caught up in the moment. Even though he had pretty clear proof something else was going on.

in truth, there was something in poor Andy’s jism, and now maturing in his own balls, that made the consumer a bit more malleable, mentally. Not much, but enough to help him ignore inconvenient or alarming things.

He felt better after that cum shot, and returned to a more standard shower effort, despite feeling a little sad about the cum that had rinsed down the drain.

Jason finished his shower and dried off, staring at himself in the mirror. His dark brown hair was messy but fashionable (or had been before the lockdown, he was due for a trim), and his body was decent enough. In fact, it looked like his gym efforts were finally paying off.

He wasn’t entirely wrong about that, but the “vanilla shake” was already working through his system and would soon speed his development. Already his abs were firmer, and his glutes tighter. Given he started off reasonably fit, it had a very nice effect.

“Right,” he said, sliding his fresh boxers over his firm backside, and tucking his fatter,longer, soft cock into the pouch. “Let’s see what those toys are all about....”


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Sexual Orientation
Part 19

Now, it's fair to say that Jason was a sensible guy -- you don't get hired for what he did without having SOME common sense -- but he was also clearly under the influence. And as he'd soon find out, in way deeper than he imagined.

In fact, he was already beginning to fall prey to the same pattern as his hapless neighbor.

You know, the one with the massive dick, lying passed out and hunky and helpless next door.

Jason had started idly stroking his pecker without even realizing it as he picked up the gallon bag and began, almost clinically, to examine the anal probe with curiosity that went a bit beyond professional.

It was definitely high tech, with what appeared to be a glossy surface, sheer but for the faint seams striping the whole unit. It looked pristine, but the bag had some sticky moisture in it -- much less than you'd expect, given where it had been. It was hard to reconcile with the massive probe he'd pulled out, which was damn near as long as the....

Oh my, there it was -- looking for all the world like an ordinary, if classy, dick pump. It had the same space grey plastic as the anal probe, but it also had a silicon anus on one end.

He stared at these things, and at the USB dongle, for some time. Perhaps if he didn't plug it in, he wouldn't have the same issue as Andy.

It never occurred to Jason that the devices were bluetooth enabled, nor that they'd already coopted his PC, nor that they'd begun to adapt their interface for him.

I can't believe I'm even thinking about this. Part of him was grossed out, but also turned on, by the idea of using these things, since he knew he hadn't cleaned them, and Andy certainly hadn't. But his dick -- as always -- was ready to call the shots.

In fact, it seemed really, really excited about the idea. It was already on its way to full erection, and he was still absentmindedly stroking it. Just thinking about Andy's mega-cock had him boned up beyond all records, and he felt massive.

Wait, he DID feel super big. And torn between gathering evidence.. and just using those toys and taking the chance. But he still had enough sense to try to document some stuff. With a sense of unwanted urgency, he opened up a measurement app on his phone, and aimed the camera down at his hardening dick. The app reported an 8.8 inch (22cm) length, larger than he'd ever been by at least an inch and a half.

Shit, was it the vanilla-shake cum? he thought. How much had he swallowed? It couldn't have been much. And he hadn't really measured his cock in ages, right?

Now you know as well as I do that most men know all too well how big their dicks are. And contrary to porn expectations, it's typically a range -- not a lot of variation, but some. In Jason's case, he'd been around 7 inches, maybe once or twice at 7.5.

Maybe I just wasn't turned on enough, he rationalized. I don't remember ever being as turned on as I was when I saw Andy helpless, muscles gleaming, and with a truly astounding cock....

Another 2 centimeters piled into his cock, slowly, as he lost himself for a moment thinking about Andy. What had Andy done first? Probably the hi-tech cocksleeve.

Before he realized he was doing it, the slightly fatter tip of his now impressive dick was at the entrance of the cocksleeve, and he'd begun fingering the tip of his penis. Which responded with a gush of vanilla-scented pre....

He was in the tube before he even realized it.

He'd used one of these things before, but this was clearly a very good one. It felt so real....

He didn't notice the cams switching on, or the newly-installed software silently sending signals to his hi-tech sex toy...not until the thing whirred to life and began to undulate over his prick....